Words JWs--and ex-JWs--use :)

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  • bebu

    Hi blondie,

    I've gotten used to the phrases over time here, and understand what is being referred to, if it can really be understood.

    The John class--those faithful, faithful Bible Students who worshiped Rutherford rather than Russell... and edited all the details of history.

    Edited to add.. this might be the John class-room.


  • Outaservice

    Rendezvous......err.....contact point....ah....return visit or is it back-call......contact point?. Oh what the hell, us 'thinking Christians' are having a hard time keeping up with the 'increasing light'!

    No wonder I'm.....


  • Quotes

    It must be really amazing for you bebu, having never been a JW.

    As a XJW, I try to avoid using those "loaded" terms, and now only use them in a mocking fashion (and by inserting "TM" when necessary).

    The one that bugs me is:

    Person: "What is your religion"?

    JW: "I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses"

    Appropriate response from person: "ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... you're just one of Jehovah's Witnesses. Thanks for clarifying, I though you were many of Jehvoah's Witnesses."

    Seriously, why can't they just say "I'm a Jehovah's Witness"? Have you ever heard someone say "I'm one of the Catholic Church"????

    ~Quotes, of the "One of Many" class

  • bebu

    LOLOL quotes!!

    Yes, that "I'm ONE of Jehovah's Witnesses" is really weird!!! Grammatically, it's sound, but it's always so odd-ball sounding... Reminds me of when meeting a Japanese person, they'll often explain "I'm a Japanese" rather than "I'm Japanese." (This is also grammatically correct, believe it or not.)


  • Piph

    I can't stand the JW terminology...it just serves to set all JWs apart as being different than other people...

    My husband and I use the phraseology as a mutual joke between us sometimes...words that always grated on me, like "happified" or "wholesome"...who says wholesome unless they're talking about bread??

  • BluesBrother

    Well, it has certainly been a happifying experience to come here this morning and meet with the world wide association of my apostate brothers and sisters.(We were always told they were American expressions and you all talked like that) More seriously, "It is, as mentioned around here, about 4th grade level" The dumming down of the WT Lit is something that is bemoaned by the old timers of my acquaintance. It has gone from the stilted and detailed prose of F W Franz to the junior school stuff that is printed today. Get that recent brochure?

  • Pleasuredome

    well the underground network of JW youth in england certainly know what "wholesome association" is.

  • Leolaia

    Just browsing through the WT publications. Here are examples of the "ones" expression:

    sincere ones, interested ones, sheeplike ones, honesthearted ones, new ones, faithful ones, inactive ones, older ones, young ones, deaf ones, deserving ones, violent ones, loved ones, righthearted ones, repentent ones, mature ones, meek ones, loyal ones, little ones, exemplary ones, sick ones, bereaved ones, different ones, taught ones, responsive ones, unsuspecting ones, righteous ones, outstanding ones, afflicted ones, experienced ones, timid ones, baptized ones, needy ones, mourning ones, newly dedicated ones, indecisive ones, haughty ones, anointed ones, wise ones, dear ones, spiritual ones, prominent ones, lowly ones, sad ones, conceited ones, humble ones, modest ones, disadvantaged ones, weak ones, austere ones, worthy ones, victorious ones, poor ones, uninvited ones, perfect ones, upright ones, etc. etc.

    There seems to be a real aversion towards using descriptive nouns like "the sick, the poor, the weak," etc. There is almost a numbing effect from the repetition of "ones"....."ones"...."ones"

    Yes, that "I'm ONE of Jehovah's Witnesses" is really weird!!! Grammatically, it's sound, but it's always so odd-ball sounding

    To me, this phrase stresses the collective over the individual. Saying "I'm a Jehovah's Witness" betrays an individualism that "I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses" does not. It is a collectivity that is not broken down for the sake of the individual. I checked the past literature and found an interesting pattern. The phrase "I'm a Jehovah's Witness" occurs only once in post-1950 texts:


    g88 1/22 p. 30 Watching the World ***

    He couldn?t believe his ears when she replied, in all seriousness: ?I can?t tell lies?I?m a Jehovah?s Witness.?"

    But the "I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses" alternative occurs 22 times:


    g70 5/8 p. 5 Protect Your Family from Drug Abuse ***

    When a student refused a barbiturate with the comment, "I?m one of Jehovah?s witnesses," he was told: "We don?t have anything to do with you anyway."


    km 6/70 p. 2 Your Service Meetings ***

    Basically the following approach was used: ?Good morning, my name is ???. I?m one of Jehovah?s witnesses. I imagine you have your own religious affiliation?

    *** g71 9/22 p. 12 An Interesting Conversation ***

    "?Actually,? I answered, ?I?m one of Jehovah?s witnesses.?

    *** yb71 p. 302 Country Reports (Part Two) ***

    "No," the publisher replied, "I?m one of Jehovah?s witnesses." "Oh," said the householder, "in that case, come in.

    *** km 1/73 p. 4 Presenting the Good News?"Who Is It?" ***

    In places where householders are fearful and the voice is businesslike, one might give one?s name and then say, "I?m one of Jehovah?s witnesses and I would appreciate seeing you for a minute."

    *** km 7/73 p. 4 Presenting the Good News?By Making Good Use of the Telephone ***

    When one sister called, she was informed by the householder that she was very busy, but when told, "I?m one of Jehovah?s witnesses," she asked the sister to come to her home.

    *** km 5/74 p. 8 Presenting the Good News?Introductions ***

    Another starts by saying: "I?m one of Jehovah?s witnesses. You may wonder why we are calling again. Well, we have the very best in mind for you; that?s why we came."

    *** g80 12/8 p. 17 A Long Journey in Search of a Stranger ***

    I asked, curiously, "What religion are you?" She smiled and answered, "I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses."

    *** g81 4/8 p. 20 Jonah?A Fish Story? ***

    Ron: Well, I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses, and we believe that the account of Jonah and the great fish is true.

    *** yb82 p. 106 Chile ***

    "But that doesn?t affect me," he explained. "I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses."

    *** g85 4/8 p. 27 Robinson Crusoe?Fact and Fiction ***

    "That doesn?t affect me," said the guide. "I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses." What a surprise for the elder who thought he was going to virgin territory!

    *** w85 2/1 p. 27 Can a Blind Man "See"? ***

    One day while offering Bible literature to people in the business section of Salvador, I heard a female voice say, "I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses too."

    *** g86 7/22 p. 17 I Heard God?s Name and Forgot About My Own ***

    On that show was a minister. I asked what religion he was. "I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses."

    *** g94 5/22 p. 12 Youths Who Have "Power Beyond What Is Normal" ***

    I cried out: ?I can?t take blood because I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses! I hope you know that!

    *** g95 9/22 p. 14 Should I Learn Self-Defense? ***

    "Letting everyone know I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses is my best protection," states young Lola.

    *** yb95 p. 54 Middle and South America ***

    Then to the surprise of the brother, the boy stated, "I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses." Was he really?

    *** w96 1/1 p. 27 Jehovah Never Abandoned Us ***

    "And you?"

    "I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses."

    *** w96 1/1 p. 27 Jehovah Never Abandoned Us ***

    "Oh, these are mine!" I exclaimed. "Of course, I can explain this. You see, these magazines come from Brooklyn, New York. That is where the headquarters of Jehovah?s Witnesses is located. I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses."

    *** g97 2/22 p. 21 A Thrilling Surprise ***

    "I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses."

    "Who are Jehovah?s Witnesses?"

    *** g97 4/22 p. 21 Now I?m Happy to Be Alive! ***

    I kept repeating, even through the oxygen mask: "No blood, no blood. I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses!"

    *** g98 11/22 p. 30 From Our Readers ***

    A traveling minister said, "When anyone asks you what you are, just say, ?I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses.?"

    *** w01 5/1 p. 25 Pressing On in Jehovah?s Way Is Our Strength and Joy ***

    "My name is Christine Genchur. I?m one of Jehovah?s Witnesses. I moved to Cleveland to find a job, and I want to associate with a congregation."

    That's quite a striking difference. But even more telling is the fact that the phrase "one of Jehovah's Witnesses" occurs a whopping 2,850 times in the literature, versus a scant 94 cases of "a Jehovah's Witness". Very much a hive mentality at work.

  • Poztate
    That's quite a striking difference. But even more telling is the fact that the phrase "one of Jehovah's Witnesses" occurs a whopping 2,850 times in the literature, versus a scant 94 cases of "a Jehovah's Witness". Very much a hive mentality at work.

    I was taught...long..long time ago to use the expression "one of Jehovah's witnesses"

    Note the fact that witnesses is not capitalized.It was explained to me that it was done that way to show we were not JUST another religion

    EG: Catholics..Lutherans...Baptists etc WE were all witnesses for Jehovah.I don't know when it changed but Witnesses always has a capitol now.

    As a side thought at a service meeting long ago and far away the guy in charge,don't remember what they called him...pre elder period.

    He took about 15 minutes to go through the point we were "one of Jehovah's witnesses" We were not a Jehovah's Witness or a Jehovah Witness.He must have gotten chewed on by a CO by the way he was carrying on.It was a laugh looking back on it now.

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    Brothers, to be replaced lately by..... "The Friends"

    Evil slave

    Spritual Food

    And the one I hear in EVERY prayer "Faithful and discreet slave"


    sheeps / goats

    Association of Brothers

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