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  • maximumflash
    Hi Max! Are you back home again? If so, that would explain why I haven't seen Cassi around here lately. Please tell her I said hello.

    Hello to you too! Not home yet. Should get home around 20 Dec'ish. I will pass on your message to Cassi.

  • LyinEyes


    It is soooooooo great to hear that all is well with you,,,,,,,,,you and Cassi are on my mind often, send my love to her as well,please.

    It is great you will be home for Xmas,,,,,,,,my b/d is Dec. 20, great day to make it home in my book......hehe......so I will be especially thinking of you and the family and wishing you a safe trip home.

    Hugs and hugs,,,,,,,,,Dede

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Hi there!!!


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