Wild Turkey or Jim Beam?

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  • under74

    I think I'm partial to Wild Turkey but I do like Jim Beam (Black Label). I used to like Jack Daniels but they've lowered the proof so I refuse to buy it now. One of my friends is convinced they both taste like piss...I don't quite understand that...I mean they both do what they're supposed and they don't taste bad to me....any preferences out there?

  • Englishman

    A Texan friend bought me a bottle of the mega-strong Wild Turkey once.


    I prefer Jack Daniels to Jim Beam. 'Course we're talking Bourbon here as opposed to whisky. My favourite cheap whisky blend is Famous grouse, my number 1 single malt preference is Robbie Dhu.


  • under74

    well it's just you and me EM...everybody else here is a tea-toter I guess....Hey, what exactly is the difference between bourbon and whiskey?

  • Ratboy

    Makers Mark.

  • lawrence

    Jim Beam. Moreso, Old Grandad.

  • undercover

    Gentleman Jack

    Woodford Reserve

  • catchthis

    I'm not a huge Whiskey fan, but there is one that I absolutely love when I feel like springing $60-70 for it.

    Jameson 18Y Master. I love this one for the toffee and vanilla, for both nose and taste.

    Oh, I'm sorry. Was this about US whiskey?

  • confusedjw

    ONLY Jim Beam for thee.

    And the Red Sox.

    Some ginger ale too.

    and ice.

    my comforter.

    Jim Beam

    The Red Sox.

  • codeblue

    Hey, I have been to the "Maker's Mark" distillery....awesome tour, but no free sampling......

    I prefer whiskey to bourbon...and Canadian whiskey's....Crown Royal is my favorite.

    But as far as Bourbon goes....if I am your guest I will drink almost any bourbon with much graciousness.

    Geez, thanks a lot for starting this thread....It is only 1:45 pm and I am wanting a cocktail.....

    What's a girl to do???????


  • Irreverent

    Crown Royal. Maker's Mark. helps the heart medicine go down easier.

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