Child abuse In Mexico

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    Awake! December 8, 2004 page 28 Watching the World

    ?According to Mexico city?s justice department,?1 in every 8 girls and 1 in every 10 boys are victims of sexual abuse in Mexico city, ?reports EL Universal newspaper. The justice department is distributing pamphlets that warn parents about sexual abuse and recommend the course of action that should be taken in the event of actual abuse. The recommendations include the following: (1) Believe and support your child when he or she is being sexually abused. (2) explain to the child that he or she is not responsible for what happened. (3) Inform the child that what happened is against the law and that it is necessary to report it to the police so that it will not happen again.?

    So they (WTS) use a Mexican newspaper to correct years of ill-information and procedures to tell the brothers and sisters what should be done when child abuse happens. Of course the WTS always have given out the correct procedures of what to do with child abuse reports!


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