Saw My Surgeon Today. She's Agreed To A Date.

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  • Englishman

    A blonde lady, tall, high heels, slim, attractive, nice deep voice all in all top totty! Oops, I'm wandering........

    Actually I had HL with me too. I'd gone for my post op check-up and passed with flying colours. So much so that she (the surgeon) agreed to do my re-connect procedure on December 7 rather than me having to wait the customary 6 months. She says there's about a 95% chance of the op being successful and me being able to say goodbye to the colostomy bag.

    So I'm delighted. December 7 is also our 31st wedding anniversary, but I probably won't be going out that night. I must buy HL something nice though, hmm, now let me see....... hopefully by next spring I'll be as good as new except I'll have a tummy that resembles a hot cross bun.

    But I don't care!


  • LittleToe

    Great news, Mike!!!
    And I'm glad your health is improving, too

  • Englishman

    Thanks, LT.

    Apparently, the procedure is still quite involved. It means that I will have umpteen tubes coming from everywhere, the joy of having the urine catheter removed to look forward to (hooyah!) and about 10 days in hospital. However as the dolly lady surgeon told me, she's dealing with a much fitter man who isn't full of poo and pus.

    (Just bullshit!)


  • kls

    full of poo and pus ) well i guess i won't have to worry about being hungry for a while.

  • ThiChi

    All the best, congratulations on your wedding anniversary, our prayer to you and yours!

  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    News to me Englishman,we are kindred.

    Had a totalproctocolectomy with illeostomy 6 years ago,removed 16 lbs of tissue (as much body mass as two fullterm babies) the entire large bowel colon.Precipitated by severe ulcereative colitis which was missmanaged for 20+ years waiting on Watchtower/ jehover's new system

    Hey,I can never get colon cancer,piles,or any bothersome problems associated with that part of the anatomy.

    Had a world class surgeon from Beth Israel Boston Mass.

    I was put on the then experimental supra film study.This is a biodegradable sort-of teflon tape material/sheathing that they put where all the tissue touches each other.This is to prevent adhesions.

    The supra film and the surgery was perfect success story.

    I opted for the 1957 Brooke projected spout illeostomy the Gold standard of ops.It's a disfiqurement but foolproof.

    Bank your own autologus blood for sure.I set aside two pints and the surgeon didn't use it he was so good.

    Keep us posted mate! Signed,"nobody can call me an asshole anymore,cause i don't have one".Undaunted Danny

  • Special K
    Special K

    Hi Englishman

    Glad that you have such a good healing body to be able to go have this reconnect so much sooner.

    Here's to a successful operation to come.

    and hope you celebrate your anniversary before you go in for surgery.

    Special K.

  • Englishman

    Thank you all for your very kind good wishes!

    Undaunted Danny: Bloody hell! You always seem so cheerful too.


  • outnfree

    Well, my first reaction was: Does Chris know? But since HL was there when the date was made...

    Finally I know what hospitalized you. I had seen mention of you being ill, but never knew what had happened. How nice to hear that you're healing so well!

    Good luck with the next surgery. (Buns are sexy, imnsho! )


  • Englishman



    Yes, I had diverticulitis and was one of the unlucky .002% where the blisters in the bowel perforated. I think it was even happening at PCB last year, now I look back.

    They took about 10 inches away and can only re-join once a person is fully healthy again. It's still quite a major op, but as the surgeon said, she's dealing with a healthy person this time who's infection free.


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