arguing with a I learned to be apostate and love it

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  • undercover

    I posted this experience back in October and believe it or not, there have been no official repurcussions. I figured for sure that the elders would get wind of my "rebellion". If they did hear of it, they aren't bothering to worry about it. Maybe because I haven't stepped foot in a KH in over a year.
    On the other hand, the relative that got my dander up has not spoken to me since. I guess I'm being "shunned".

    Someone asked if I consciously tipped my hand....I knew I was but I wasn't planning on it. I just got exasperated with them and their continual harping on my lack of spirituality and decided to just unload on them for a while instead of taking all the heat.

    It feels good to get the upper hand in these things, but it does no good, at least in the short run. All we can hope is that something, one little thing even, sticks and maybe later something causes them to think for themselves and they remember something we said.

    There are days I wish I could just walk away from everything and everybody and start over where nobody knows me. I'm tired. I'm tired of fighting it, I'm tired of being treated like shit, I'm tired of being an outcast, I'm tired of trying to be normal after years of being different. I'm just tired of it all. But I keep going and this place helps. I'm not the only one who's dealing with this. I'm glad my experience may have helped someone as many of ya'lls have helped me.

  • bebu

    Your experience reminds me of advice given by an ex-Mormon, in regards to speaking with Mormon missionaries who demonstrate an unusually hard skull/concrete for brains: "Let 'em have it! Give them the works; it might actually crack the wall!" (I have done this, too!)

    There is a chance that you might have put a crack there, even if they report you... But you did an awesome job.


  • ko38

    Yeah! What you said.

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