Would You Buy Cigarettes For Your Friends?

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  • Mulan
    I would certainly buy liquor for an elderly person who has conscientiously chosen his/her way to go.

    One of my friends knows an 80 year old woman, who can no longer drive because of vision and other health problems. She has lots of money, but her children refuse to take her to buy liquor and cigarettes. So she has my friend take her every Wednesday to the liquor store and to buy cigarettes. She buys a carton once a week, so is smoking quite a lot it seems, and she buys a gallon of whiskey or vodka and several bottles of wine the same day, each week. Her children live near to her but my friend has to drive 10 miles each way to do this for her, simply because the woman's children won't do it for her because they don't think it's good for her. Of course the woman is an alcoholic and smokes too much, but she is 80 years old, not a good age to go through withdrawal or try to change habits. I say buy her vices and let her be happy for the short time she has left.

  • flower

    As far as buying liquor for an alcoholic, it would depend. If I have just decided on my own that this person as an alcoholic because I've seen them drink a lot thats not my business. Especially if they are maintaining their work life and treating their family well. I dont care if they have ten drinks a day its not my business any more than someone who eats 10 bags of chips a day. Some people can drink a lot and still live a normal life and thats their business.

    If the person KNOWS they have a drinking problem and is trying to stop..If they are in AA or something then obviously I want to support them, not help them fail, so I wouldnt buy it.

    Now if I know hes a violent drunk and abuses his family then thats a different story.

    If a friend tells me they are trying to quit smoking or lose weight, I wouldn't buy them ciggys or cheese fries either even if they begged me. I wouldnt be a supportive friend if I did.

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