Should you believe in the trinity? Is Jesus Christ God Almighty?

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  • bebu

    I just posted this thread last night; I have read over half of the book it concerns, "Captives of a Concept", and I would recommend it highly.

    The strategy he proposes is very simple, and one I had already understood... but I understand some details even more clearly now, and I think you will appreciate how well he's outlined the problem... and how to approach solving it...

    btw, are you saying that it has been 2 years since you ran across online info? Have you been lurking here a while, or did it take you a long time to find this board?


  • ChrisCross

    Again, thank you everyone for your input.

    I've been having conversations with the JW for 4 years now. The first 2 years were him indoctrinating me, the past 2 years have been discussions, debates, and heated arguments with the JW I work with. I actually came upon this website 2 years ago. When I first discovered the watchtower was a cult, I read anything and everything about them, including almost every single article on and read, but never posted, a lot of the threads on this message board. The research first began to make sure that the watchtower really wasn't the 'one true religion'. From what I understand, the heavy research is a characteristic of those who have doubts and start to fall away from the organization. Now, I just skim over information that is relevant to the discussion the JW and I have.

    So yes, I have been lurking here for a while :)

  • ellderwho


    One must remember these Jws are just lost. Thats it. Their not bad people. The Org is bad. Ive found studying with them builds my faith, same with the LDS. They way Jws spin things are at times laughable.

    Bottom line they have exchanged the truth for a lie.


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