Ozzie's Weekend Poll #116

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  • ozziepost

    G'day fellow weekend posters!

    How's things for you this weekend? Strange turn of events weatherwise here downunder where last week we were "enjoying" 100 degrees fahrenheit and this weekend is now at a miserable 68!!! And it's raining! Well, actually that's good for us - we hardly know what it looks like, so we should be grateful, but.....I wish it'd come during the week!!

    Now, at such a time, we need a poll!

    Today's poll question just asks us for a 'Yes' or 'No' but of course more is welcome!!!

    Our question is:

    Did you think that Jehovah's Witnesses were an American religion?

    1. Yes

    2. No

    3. Other (you're kidding!!!!)

    So, engage yourself in some nostalgia and be honest, what did you think "back then"? Let us know.


    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    No. That never ocurred to me, and if it had I would have dismissed it.

  • Scully

    It never occurred to me either while I was a JW. But I do recall thinking along the lines of "Why would Jehovah reveal his Word to someone from Pennsylvania?" Not that I have anything against Pennsylvania... it just seemed odd that out of all the people in the world at the time, he would pick Charles Taze Russell to represent him.

    When hearing the term "American Religion" after leaving the JWs, with JWs being lumped in with the Mormons, I thought about it briefly and realized that it was an accurate term. Although as a JW, I never would have acknowledged it as being so.

    Love, Scully

  • under74

    No way. I thought Jesus was a JW.

  • kwintestal
    I thought Jesus was a JW.

    I thought Able was the first JW.

    Not something that I had ever thought of, but yes, now I agree that it is an American religion. Europe is too left to create the JW's.


  • Princess

    Interesting question Ozzie. I had never thought about it that way until Eman posted a thread some time back about how the literature was written in American English and how some of it was funny to the Brits. It just seemed so arrogant of the WTS to do that and I realized then that it was an American religion.

  • blondie

    I think it is a "US" religion, just to quibble a bit and specifically a "white" religion until it finally ventured out into Asia and Africa. I think they concentrated on countries that already had a "nominal" Christian base because "the end was near." There couldn't possibly be any of the anointed in the darker group....hmmm

    It arose in a period of time when many "strange" religions started in the US, such as the Adventist movement and the Mormon/LDS and the Christian Scientists and the Shakers.


  • onacruse


    I always thought that the JWs, as modestly represented by the God-selected-hand-picked-most-spiritual-people-on-the-planet-Earth "anointed ones" was the universal religion.


  • belbab

    I always thought it was religion with an American flavor.

    Over the years in many other lands, Russia for example, the JWs were accused of spreading American ways of life. The WT never took these accusations seriously.

    For example, when Russell started, much of the American community was farming communities. Travelling salesmen in wagon caravans roamed the land, selling everything from snake oil and cigar store indians. The inhabitants also had a craving for obtaining information from books. So Russell sent out colporteurs to peddle books.

    To this day the WT blindly follows stupidily. holding fast to the sacrament of going door to door and peddling books replacing the natural easiest method of communication which is effortless two way conversation between individuals.

    Many years ago, two missionaries, Jones and King, were arrested in China for insisiting on going door to door. If they had not stubbornly persisted in going door to door the message could have spread far more effectively it they had just proclaimed their religion by '"causual witnessing" by word of mouth, from family to family. Other religions, for example the Pentecostals, have taken root in China, far more effectively than the Witnesses. It was the same during the Stalin years in Russia.

    No, the Witnesses had to cling to door to door and place literature, printed from America.

    Good news ( bad news also) does not take effort to spread.

    There are also many other American "in your face" methods and doctrines that the Witnesses have agressively forced upon other nations that were countrary to the culture and environment of those areas.


  • alfie

    Greetings from Canada's West Coast

    Well Oz, When I started studying, the thought never occurred to me. As time passed however, I would periodically (and secretly) wonder why God would choose someone from the USA to carry out His plan. My answer always seemed to be "OPPORTUNITY". Yes that was it; the US is the land of opportunity and naturally what better place to establish the groundwork for preaching the New World Order. It made sense then, NOW is a different story.Now I realize it doesn't matter where it starts, it's all a load anyway.



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