What did Methuselah die of?

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  • Jim_TX

    You guys are hilarious!!! hahahahahahaha

    Well... IF you believe the bible... and the chronology bit that is there in Genesis... and add up the years...

    He died of massive water intake! He drowned at the 'flood'!

    So - he must've been one of those whut didn't listen to Noah!

    *wider grin*

    Jim TX

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover


    Are you kidding? That's great. Do you mind posting the dates? I'm not doubting you, I'm just too lazy to look it up myself and I would love to have that info on hand.

  • Jim_TX

    "Do you mind posting the dates?"

    Well... no, I don't mind posting the dates... ummm... I did it in an Excel spreadsheet... putting in all the dates in Genesis.

    (I always was curious as to how they 'added up'.)

    It turns out that ol' Methuz - well... his lifeline stops at the 'flood'.

    *wide grin*

    Makes ya wonder.

    Okay... here is the link to a PDF file. I hope it makes sense. Skip down to about page 23 or 24 of the file.


    Let me know if I messed it up, and I'll correct it. I know that it does not jive with something called 'The Book of Adam'. That one has different numbers for a lot of the ages.


    Jim TX

  • bikerchic

    Jim, Jim, Jim......Methuselah (um, I think you misspelled his name) died of mythological dumbdance. It's a rare yet popular desease of most Bible characters as they are all MYTHS doncha know, they are make believe just like the Bible "The Greatest Story Ever Told". IMHO......I'll change my mind when the big guy comes down from heaven and tells me otherwise.....or when pigs fly.

  • hillbilly

    You found Ester belle..........send her back home.... I left the gate open.........Thanks


  • blondie

    Old age but some JWs hinted he may have died "early" so he didn't die in the flood (and not have a resurrection).


    w65 3/15 p. 166 Who Will Be Resurrected?Why? ***

    Noah had a grandfather by the name of Methuselah. This Methuselah was the son of Jehovah?s prophet Enoch. (Gen. 5:21-24) Methuselah had the privilege of living longer than any other man on earth, as far as Bible records indicate. Methuselah?s son, Lamech, died five years before the great flood. By living nine hundred and sixty-nine years, Methuselah outlived his son Lamech and died in 2370 B.C.E., the very year that the Flood began. The Flood began in November, but the Bible says that Methuselah "died," not got drowned in the Flood and suffered execution by this "act of God." (Gen. 5:25-32) There is therefore hope of a resurrection out of Ha┬┤des or Sheol for Methuselah, and also for his forefathers back to Seth and the other antediluvians who died before the Flood broke.

  • Scully

    Maybe he finally had a stroke when Mrs Methuselah told him she was going to have baby number 458.

    Love, Scully

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    When I worked it out, Meths and Son both died in the flood year.

  • hillbilly
    , but the Bible says that Methuselah "died," not got drowned in the Flood and suffered execution by this "act of

    Blondie, ma'am, your a gem... where do you dig this stuff up? WT logic at it's finest here folks... sorta have to figure "died" just might be synonomous with "drowned", just maybe?

    Next thing you know the WTBTS will have 'film at 11"......... what a bunch of coconuts........

    Hill ( did i really read all that Sh*t once? class)

  • Jim_TX

    Blondie -

    I can always count on you to give us the WTBTS 'spin' on things. *rolls eyes*

    I've heard of people who 'died' at Canyon Lake north of us. Yuppers... they go into the water, and then find out that they cain't swim... and whaddya know... they just up and die - right there on the spot. I don't think they've had anyone actually 'drown' at that lake.

    Black Sheep -

    Recheck your figures... the bibles that I used (NOT the one issued by the JWs) indicate that Lamech died about 5 years prior to the flood.

    Yall be sure to check out my spreadsheet. I have the numbers all there. Did it on a lark one day.

    Of course... it's all made up by the Isrealites whilst they were in captivity - but it's fun to look at.

    Now... if you do a little reading - outside the bible (I think that it's in 'The Book of Adam' - or one of those) - you'll find out that ol' Methuz knew of the upcoming flood - and knew that he wasn't gonna survive - and called all his family together, and told everyone good-bye. Another good fairy tale.

    It's been a while since I read that collection of fairy tales... but I also believe that it was requested of Noah to take the sarcophogas of Adam from the cave where it had been laying in state (Cave of Treasures?) - and put it on the ark, and take it through the flood. (I think Noah got so excited to depart the ark after the flood, that he forgot it and left it on the ark.)

    Anyway... it makes a good bedtime story.


    Jim TX

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