HEAR The Vindaloo Song Without Little Toe!

by Englishman 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • onacruse


    That would be Scots and English!!!!
    Britain includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland!

    Quit going all geographical on me, eh?

    And really now, face it: There are only two continents on this planet--the United States and the Antarctic.

  • Simon
    PS: To add fuel to the fire--should it be Scots and Brits, or Brits and Scots???

    Scotts and Brits don't mix - it's like oil and water. The correct term is "Brits and squatters" or, alternatively, "Brits and men in skirts".

    Now, Scotch and water is ok (to some) or just Scotch on the rocks (which I prefer) ... has to be a nice Glenlivet mind you, none of this blended crap.

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