What's Up with Prince??

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  • FlyingHighNow
    It's Prince's mojo that I think will eventually derail him as a JW. You can only deny your true nature for so long and then it just starts to ooze out of you from every pore.

    Prince is a very passionate and sensual person. He is going against that to be a prim and wholesome brother *gag*.

    I disagree because you also have to factor in that many times the elders & Society use a different standard when it comes to the wealthy & famous. Unless Prince does something so heinous that it would bring enormous reproach on the WTS itself, I doubt he will be derailed as a JW. Now, if he gets conflicted and decides to leave it will be different...

    This is what I mean by derailed. You can't suppress who you really are to yourself forver.You can hide it from others but you cannot hide it from yourself. Eventually it will come to the surface where others can see though.

    Michael Jackson was not allowed relaxed standards. He was put under public reproof for his Billy Jean video. A Bethel high up dedicated our KH: afterwards we asked him about Michael Jackson. This was in late 1983. He told us that Michael had been reproved specifically for that video. They kept picking Michael apart for every little thing he did with his music and videos. Do you remember the disclaimer before the thriller video? This is why he finally walked away from JWs for good. I don't blame him. I'm sure it got very old, very quickly. It's a shame he had to go on to become such a bizarre person.

  • BrendaCloutier

    His next goal is to write songs to be included in the new "Kingdom Songs in Praise to Jehovah by the JW formerly known as Prince"!


  • Flash

    You can only deny your true nature for so long and then it just starts to ooze out of you from every pore.

    We become JWs and we slowly suppress our true selves until we appear to be uniform with the org. But you can only hold and squeeze a strong spring for so long before it escapes your grip, springs back into shape ...

    Everything you said is true. I would only add this, that some people are'nt 'strong springs' and after awhile will lose their strength and their identity.



    "...the JW formerly known as Prince"!
    I'm afraid that's what the future holds.
  • teejay

    Prince is cool. I'd buy him lunch.

  • Satanus


    Michael was sort of androgenous. Maybe somebody in the gb didn't like that.


  • blondie


    but the Purple One can still pack a political punch. His new music video, "Cinnamon Girl," is a big-budget production that follows the hardships and confusions of a teenage Arab-American girl in a post 9-11 America.

    It stars Keisha Castle-Hughes ("Whale Rider") who concludes the video by imagining herself detonating a bomb in a crowded airport terminal.

    Seeds of controversy are already beginning to grow,

  • rocky220

    lol @ teejay!!!!....you'd buy him lunch....but i would give him dessert......rocky220

  • DaCheech
  • Preston

    I tend to be pretty suspicious of anyone in Hollywood or the music industry who adopts a strict religious practice. Be it the Kabbalah, Scientology, voting for Ralph Nader, all of these things should immediately raise the red flag when you hear artists publicize their opinions overmuch. Prince is...despite what some people may think, a genius! Not only is he one of the best lyricists, but he's also one of the best guitarists... (didn't Clapton say 'Purple Rain' was the best album he's ever heard?) and I doubt he will stay a JW much long, in fact, I doubt he even makes as big of a deal of it as Joe JW who is ordered to put his 10 hrs of field service, make every meeting, and has to quit his job in order to make the district convention. This isn't a level playing field here, and I think Prince has been given major leway in the congregation.

    BTW, I wonder at the possibility of him singing "Pussy Control" while giving a talk about abstinence.

  • cab1000

    I like Prince. It would be cool if he was in my congregation, I would probally even attend. I have a watchtower song by him. If you'd like it, just email me... cab10000@yahoo.com....and I will send it to you....

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