Need Help: Braun or Sonicare?

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I've used the Sonicare for 3 years now, and the health of my gums has greatly improved. Unfortunately, my teeth didn't make it. The dentist, who usually just gives me a big lecture, was actually pretty impressed with the product's effectiveness. He recommends it now. It used to be pretty expensive, but I think it's gone down in price since I bought it on late night tellie.. hehehhe.



  • codeblue

    Hey CG, that picture is gonna give me

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  • scootergirl

    I got a Sonicare for xmas last year...absolutely love it! Feels just like I left the dentist everytime I use it. No model # on it though...just says Sonicare.

  • BrendaCloutier

    I love my Sonicare!

    I used one 8 years ago but had to leave it behind with that husband, and really missed it. I couldn't afford one myself. Kev (spousal unit) bought us one last Christmas. He doesnt' like it cuz it tickles. I love it.

    Tip, spread your toothpaste around before you turn it on. Keep your mouth closed or you'll spatter.

    It still doesn't replace flossing. And I HATE flossing. And I have to floss because of a crown that likes to trap food. My hygenist says "you only have to floss the ones you want to keep". She's lucky I like her.

    Hug your sonicare!


  • carefully faded
    carefully faded

    Sonicare - for sure. I started with a Sonicare and loved it - my dental cleaning appointments improved dramatically! Then I switched to Braun about 2 years ago for a change and noticed that my cleanings became difficult again. I switched back to Sonicare, saw the improvement in my last dentist visit - and I'm never changing again!

    - CF

  • codeblue

    Carefully: thanks for your input....Braun is the cheaper brush, but as we have seen in this poll, cheaper doesn't do the job!

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