Artificial Intelligence's View of "Watchtower"

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  • gitasatsangha

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    Googlism for: watchtower

    watchtower is lying about their connection with the nazis
    watchtower is not a sin
    watchtower is published in over 130 languages and awake
    watchtower is referring to here when it says "apostate doctrines
    watchtower is lying about their history
    watchtower is more than a "religious" corporation
    watchtower is an information control cult that deliberately confuses its people
    watchtower is inspired
    watchtower is an enterprise wide compliance solution for investment management firms
    watchtower is the first
    watchtower is the name by which we must be saved?
    watchtower is referring to is a doctrine called modalism
    watchtower is the only true religion and that the devil is out to mislead them away from it
    watchtower is necessary to understand the bible article
    watchtower is necessary to
    watchtower is going to tell the world as seen in the gillies letter to the guardian newspaper and the letter to all branches
    watchtower is starting to be nice to the un in some of its magazines
    watchtower is pleased to announce the addition of it's newest band mona
    watchtower is a tall structure built of field stone in the midst of steep
    watchtower is the only "channel" that god is using to direct his people on this earth
    watchtower is saying that people should evaluate what they believe about god based on the realm of created things
    watchtower is attempting to highlight their description of god
    watchtower is cultic to the core
    watchtower is finding that their field work is getting immeasurably more difficult and time consuming
    watchtower is a false prophet? by their own words they stand condemned
    watchtower is not interested in honesty or facts
    watchtower is used for that
    watchtower is correct? because it says it is?
    watchtower is a false prophet organization
    watchtower is still running and is still accessible
    watchtower is to help further myself in my study of the craft
    watchtower is the only truth and that the watchtower is the only true religion
    watchtower is far stricter than khomeini who seem to be a libertine in comparison
    watchtower is written by men who are imperfect and if it were
    watchtower is controlled by the devil
    watchtower is arguably the penultimate progressive/technical band
    watchtower is the justice league?s orbiting space station
    watchtower is basically saying that the standfasters should have loyally stayed with the organization until jehovah clarified the matter
    watchtower is not a prophet of god
    watchtower is truly speaking for god
    watchtower is correct in saying that their doctrines regarding the bible have not changed
    watchtower is associated with fire
    watchtower is best viewed in 800 x 600 resolution using microsoft internet explorer
    watchtower is run by a governing body and boasts over 5 million
    watchtower is later reprinted in a bound volume at the end of the year
    watchtower is deliberately giving false statements to the governments about how they handle their secret files is one example
    watchtower is not
    watchtower is published twice a month in 120 languages
    watchtower is source of authority for jehovah's witnesses today
    watchtower is a strong indication
    watchtower is exposed on their un affiliation they quickly bail out
    watchtower is the modular key structure for any sort of substantial stonework walls
    watchtower is not of god but that jesus is truly the way
    watchtower is what occultists called the magical universe
    watchtower is protected; the pedophile is protected
    watchtower is unquestionably right and there can be no allowance made at all for error
    watchtower is designed for a druid
    watchtower is not a complete game
    watchtower is through a tunnel of reinforced wire mesh which serves as a reminder every second
    watchtower is located at her ranch
    watchtower is not the holy spirit of the bible
    watchtower is not at
    watchtower is a fundamentally bad idea
    watchtower is a comprehensive server monitoring and notification system
    watchtower is run
    watchtower is not the teacher of god's people
    watchtower is laudatory about the wonders that vaccines have achieved in dealing with disease
    watchtower is currantly teaching about the 1914 generation ?
    watchtower is an equilateral trapezium with a bottoms length of 11
    watchtower is paramount in knowing jesus
    watchtower is inconsistent in its blood policy
    watchtower is perfectly located to enable you to get an excellent view of the entire ramganga riverbed as well as a large section
    watchtower is a set
    watchtower is facing particularly in europe should they not rejoice that their prophesy is 'apparently' reaching its fulfillment?
    watchtower is to read and see information from those who've experienced it first hand
    watchtower is the story of the spiritual journey of two people
    watchtower is actually doing all they
    watchtower is a strong indication that the wts
    watchtower is leading millions of followers into death
    watchtower is over 500 men; well over 150 archers and 350 men
    watchtower is
    watchtower is a prophet
    watchtower is assuming everybody out there in the world today is a complete idiot
    watchtower is an unobtrusive performance monitoring service for the
    watchtower is only one way to deal with jws
    watchtower is careful not to allow the rank and file access to them
    watchtower is controlled at a computer station next to the hall of justice
    watchtower is not only anti
    watchtower is the highest point on the south rim and offers stunning 360
    watchtower is published in 131 languages
    watchtower is issued twice each month and brings to its readers the current report which the lord

    have fun

  • Simon
    watchtower is not a prophet of god
    watchtower is truly speaking for god

    LOL, that's exactly what they said !

  • candidlynuts

    well i googlismed me..

    candid is made of a patchwork of nationalities
    candid is a natural for you
    candid is easy with this lens
    candid is guaranteed to make you money
    candid is the opposite of posed
    candid is best and evokes stronger memories
    candid is another story
    candid is perfect for treading through the snow or water

    wow i'm an interesting person lmao

  • Country_Woman

    I did a guess at Google and found:

    Now their happen to be a wine "Chateau Branda"

    wonder what Ozzie have to say.......

  • Bubbamar
    jehovah is going to shake and rattle and roll
    jehovah is not god and jesus was not man
    jehovah is just as mad about it as you


  • BluesBrother

    Selected entries.

    jwd is the sh##t

    jwd is an example of this group's attitude
    jwd is to > even be tolerated
    jwd is at the forefront of the two current hot topics ? security and the environment
    jwd is all about is to visit some sites
    jwd is alerting the world to the anti
    jwd is still on vacation
    jwd is my god so true it hurts your face right off
    jwd is a huge help

    jwd is grateful for support from pci
    jwd is non denominational
    jwd is evil because the wt society is evil
    jwd is as close as you can get to 'write once

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  • heathen

    They missed the most obvious ... WTBTS is a publishing corporation that believes by selling literature to raise money is needed for salvation.

    The WTBTS is a pyramid and is or is not spirit directed depending on which publication you look at .

    The WTBTS claims the UN is satanic and is their enemy but joining the UN as an NGO was justified anyway because of tax breaks and the ability to hide the truth from members was seen as divine ....

  • cyberguy

    Very cool!

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