Someone Very Special Needs Cheerin' Up, Yall.

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  • Frannie Banannie
  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Hi Kristy.....

    I've always liked the following poem....

    I live for those who love me, for those who know me true,

    for the Heaven that is above me, and awaits my spirit too.

    For the wrong, that needs resistance; for the right that needs assistance,

    for the future in the distance, and the good that I can do.

    I really don't know any adult who doesn't struggle through this life.... It's part of our journey of learning. I'm so sorry that life has got you down. Remember, all things are transitional and temporary. Look for the positive and good (I know that it's easier said than done.... but if you can focus your energies there, it does help). Take care.

    Double Edge

  • codeblue

    Frannie, you are such a good friend...I am glad to know that Kristy has such a kind, sweet person who thinks a lot of her.

    I have been thinking about what I could say to Kristy. I really "feel" for her circumstances.

    I have underwent many traumatic emotional experiences since I was 14........I watched my mother die of cancer. I married and moved 2,000 miles away from my initial family... hardly ever got to see them since. My father died when I was 28. I felt like an orphan.

    My first husband cheated on me before my 2nd anniversary..............and yet I raised his first son from his first marriage and stayed with the man till he left me...3 weeks before our 20th anniversary (he cheated on me repeatedly during that time even with one of my best friends). During that time I was diagnosed with fibromyelgia...and somewhat know what constant pain can do to the body and mind. ( is under control now)

    I am now remarried and only see my kids once a year and that is very difficult. I again live very far away from my kids! (seems to be destiny for me to never be "near" family...wondering why?)

    Now you are thinking: what can I give Kristy? Please share her my past before you share the following:


    I wish to give you a part of my spiritual being that enabled me to rise thru those very sad times....I wish to give you "strength" to see thru your physical pain and know that there are people out there that care about you even though they haven't met you. I wish to give you a "bit of me" that will help you thru each day of your life and somehow make it easier for you to heal.

    Kristy: My thoughts are with you, many hugs for you.


  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    MMMMUAH !! to DoubleEdge and CodeBlue for helping Kristy with such wonderful kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you so much!!


  • patio34

    Hugs to you, Frannie, for being such a caring person.

    Kristy, you must be a very brave person to have all these hardships at a young age--at any age!! I hope with all my heart that things improve for you. I am a huge fan of Dr. Wayne Dyer, who has written many books and there's websites and discussion boards devoted to discussing his philosphy. I would recommend his work highly. I read it every morning and really devote time to his great ideas.

    All the best,


  • frenchbabyface

    Of course didn't know her ... now I do somehow

    That's too much for on and only personne !!! It's heartbreaking !!!
    I Hope her suffering is going to end and that she'll be able to enjoy life as soon as possible and get the best from what life can bring ... Good things happen (from the best or from the worse) strong she is already ... wish her the best !!!

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    (((Pat & FrenchBabyFace))) Thank yall SO MUCH! I just know Kristy is gonna enjoy everyone's posts to this thread.

    I'm gonna print 'em out Thursday morning and take 'em to her. Won't she be surprised!



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