Contrast of a Catholic funeral for 21 year old drug overdose

by gypsywildone 10 Replies latest jw experiences

  • gypsywildone

    I forget-I don't blame you for being pissed. Why not dispense with the funeral entirely & call it what it was, just another boring meeting. What a disservice to your grandmother! But you're right, I guess he just did what he was allowed to do. Can you imagine the fracas if he had actually stood up there & talked about what a great woman your grandmother was!

    Preston, more than who did for your grandmother, the jws, or the Catholics? Maybe the priest that did Nick's service was from a barrio in Arizona like me & had lived among drug abuses before & understood them. Anyway, the priest understood Nick, never having met him. So does the whole area around here, I haven't heard any sneaky little comments or judgemental slaps at the parents.

    I wonder if most of the jws would even do a funeral for a drug overdose. The ones around here distance themselves or even lie about all the young jws that seem to go ape shit in epidemic proportions around here. I wonder what would it be if one of their own died of a drug o.d.

    I'm not a fan of organized anything at all, but it was such a contrast between the jw funeral 2 years ago, & this one.

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