Where's the beef?

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  • Flash
    The lights went out for thousands of Witnesses in 1914, 1925, etc.etc.etc. Each time the announced END didn't come the brothers packed up their spiritual bags and hit the road. Been there, Done that.

    I think we can agree on this...Regardless when the End comes, we should be living in a way that we'll gain the approval of God's Son when ever He arrives or if we 'pass on,' when He performs the Resurrection.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    That meat became strangled (no breath of life) The "beef" you have now is a valid one - sounds as though you've been chewing on it a while and you're getting stronger.

  • rockhound

    It is error only,and not truth, that shrinks from inquiry- Thomas Paine


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