Billions Now Living will Soon Die...

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  • Confucious

    The actualy quote from my Borg source is this...

    "Billions of Hearts will Soon Stop Beating."

    It was given by a Circuit Overseer in a talk about Armegedon.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Well that stands to reason since there are about 6 million JWs worldwide (and many of those are living double lives) then the remainder of the global population doomed to destruction (according to JWs) would be billions.

    I tell you if they are right and there is a God that would kill billions (especially in the gruesome manner depicted by JWs) then I certainly don't want a part of an evil God like that. Can you imagine kissing ass to a God like that for a thousand years (or for all eternity for that matter) after watching the slaughter of billions? How could one possibly be happy in a paradise built on the slaughter of billions ? Truely disgusting and reprehensible...but hey, it sells books and gets that estate money rollin' in doesn't it.

  • Confucious


    One of the things that I learned after leaving the borg was how REAL people "out there" are.

    I've met some of the nicest Witnesses. I met some of the hateful.

    But the same in the "world" tm (and I hate that phrase - the world.)

    Anyway, it's all the same.

    Jesus will judge on heart.


  • candidlynuts

    well......frankly your talking about the same god that slew 10s of thousands of people cuz king david made him mad..

    the same god that killed all first born children cuz pharoh made him mad..

    i can see him killing billions. i;d kiss gods ass if i knew which god which way and where. as it stands, every other person has a different idea on who /what god is.. what if you believe the wrong person or the wrong bible ..

    i think i'm screwed

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    No candidlynuts, I don't believe I am talking about the same God. If anything, it is the JWs who are talking about the same God. I do not buy into that nonsense of the bible. I see a large gap between a God of love and a God that kills on a large scale out of "anger" or "frustration" or to "send a message". If the God that controls my ultimate destiny is that twisted I would prefer to have no part of that thank you very much. I am perfectly content going about my life trying to be a good person and kind to others. Let the chips fall where they may.

    You know it seems to me, from my experiences with the JWs, and I am sure many of you can identify with this but many of the JW practices require the individual to mean (shunning for one example). I have seen so many JWs who are prepared to go through life being mean just because their God will reward them with eternal materialistic hedonism. Yes I recognise that they occasionally do nice things for others (mostly JWs) and they seem to think that compensates for being mean the rest of the time. From what I read at the SL website they couldn't even foot the expense for the Mesa family funeral. Ya worshipping a God like theirs in exchange for eternal hedonistic bliss where I am sitting next to my palace and my flawless wife is tossing grapes into my mouth all day - tempting for my ego, sure gets me thinking in a self serving materialistic greedy kind of way but no thanks. The price of being mean, arrogant and rejecting others is just too large.

  • BrendaCloutier

    Years ago when I did my AA thing of making amends with my parents, my dad brought up what I would do if WBTS was right and Armageddon happened (or some such thing).

    I told my dad that I would stand before Jehovah and be judged accordingly for my deeds, both bad and good.

    (I still stand by this today. IF they're right.)

    That was the second of only two times I saw my dad speechless. The first time was earlier in the same conversation when discussing my alcohlism as being a physiological and progressive disease, not a moral problem. I likened my body not processing alcohol normally just as his body does not process sugar normally (he's diabetic).

  • frenchbabyface

    BTW : I wonder how much people are dying everyday in the world from all causes ? does anyone know the figures ?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    BTW : I wonder how much people are dying everyday in the world from all causes ? does anyone know the figures ?

    150,000 / per day die worldwide from all causes.... = 1.8 person per second

  • frenchbabyface

    Thanks Double Edge

  • seattleniceguy
    "Billions of Hearts will Soon Stop Beating."

    That's just grotesque. That's all I have to say.


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