When are JW's going to realise the GB's not writing books anymore?

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  • BrendaCloutier

    Whaddaya expect after a generation or two of highschool pull-outs, janitors, carpet cleaners, and house painters? I'm surprised anyone there is able to run the presses!

    Humbly yours


  • LittleToe

    LOL @ GermanXJW

  • mkr32208


  • DaCheech
    Whaddaya expect after a generation or two of highschool pull-outs, janitors, carpet cleaners, and house painters?

    Hey, some own janitor companies! LOL

    Some own, painting businesses! LOL

    Some own.....

  • heathen

    Good Gawd , you mean it could get worse ?

  • Quotes

    Not to worry!

    Remember the hullabalo about M.E.P.S (Multi-lingual Electronic Phototypset System)???

    Well, they have just extended their technical prowess to the next level: Governing body Authoring System, or "G.A.S." for short.

    This advanced computer program was prepared with the asstance of the Gov Body, and contains their collective wisdom (think "Google" for spiritual knowledge).

    Now the WT can prepare a Gov Body approved book just by running the program, given a few parameters.

    Want a book out Daniel? No problem, We got G.A.S.

    Need to understand Revelation? No problem, We got G.A.S.

    Young people need to know which type of cell phone is right for Christians? No problem, We can give them G.A.S.

    Not sure if you should eat beans and cabbage before The Meeting(TM)? No problem, You've got G.A.S.

    As we can see, the loss of governing body will not stop the publishing of great spiritual truths.

    They are working on an additional feature: Hyperbolic Overtones of the Traditional Governing body Authoring System, or H.O.T. G.A.S.

    ~Quotes, of the "flatulence" class

  • cyberguy

    Most JW?s believe that the mystical, ?faithful slave? somehow writes WT publications! Also, most JW?s believe that somehow the angles fly-in on the rooftops of WT headquarters, and drop off the latest ?new light!? My infrequent attendance at meetings is truly amazing in that the mystical ?faithful slave? is now worshiped. They're mentioned numerous times, including congregation prayers! It is now one of the favorite expressions of JW's. To me, it is no different than the mystical ?trinity? of so-called ?Christendom!? JW?s love to use that expression, and attribute all published literate to ?them,? but can?t exactly define who ?they? are.

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    I'm offended 'Quotes",

    I helped develop M.E.P.S. I wish that I could finish this post but I have to change my adult diaper. Jehovah will sustain me!

  • Confucious

    nice post cyber

  • heathen

    LMAO@Quotes ---- No it's not the deeeeeemoonnnnnnnnnzzzzzzzz !!!!!!

    I remember talking to some people about the WTBTS computer system that I remember the government wanted to take the patent away or something . Anybody ever hear stuff like that about the WTBTS publishing corp.

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