Murders Still

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  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    Those murders at the WTS still will not give up; they continue to spin half-truths and bits of information.

    See this current article at their web site (on the evil internet):

  • StinkyPantz

    I find this sad in a way.

  • candidlynuts

    While we were serving in Chiba, a new headquarters for Jehovah's Witnesses in Japan was under construction in Ebina. My wife and I drove there once a week to care for the health of the Witness volunteers building this facility, called Bethel. After a few months, we received an invitation to serve at Ebina Bethel full-time. Thus, in March 1981 we began living in the temporary buildings used to house over 500 volunteer workers. In the morning, I helped clean the construction site bath and toilets, and in the afternoon I did medical checkups

    they took a dr they admired that was out there and could HELP the rank and file with surgeries and relieve the pressure on regular jw's to accept blood and brought him to bethel TO CLEAN TOILETS??? good grief.

  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli

    I too, Stinky, find it sad. This guy probably had a promising career as a medical investigator, and he threw much of it away as a supporter of their murderous blood policy.

    Candi, I am sure that he proved his humility (he was, after all, one of those high and mighty medical doctors) by cleaning toilets instead of helping the sick fulltime.

    I find it both sad and tragic that this smart, well-intended physician was deceived by the WT propaganda, just as so many others of us were deceived. The WT loves to hold him up as an example, for the entire world to see, of a promoter of its murderous blood policy.

    After blasting the medical profession for years, the WTS now has gotten in bed with fringes of this profession that do not see through its twisted propaganda.

  • StinkyPantz
    I too, Stinky, find it sad. This guy probably had a promising career as a medical investigator

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Who knows where he could've gone and what he could've achieved? <sigh>

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    Wonder what ths bozo thinks of his Hippocratic Oath....

  • Scully

    Did anyone else notice that for both this man and his wife how quickly they succumbed to The Truth???

    For her - she was baptized THREE MONTHS after the initial visit from the JWs.

    For him - he was baptized NINE MONTHS after attending his first meeting at the KH.

    How on earth is that enough time to learn EVERYTHING about a religion that requires you to be willing to sacrifice your LIFE for it??

    Love, Scully

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton

    Very good point! Scully. I've often mentioned to my husband that it doesn't make sense how soon people get baptized. Whether being raised in the truth or not. Especially being raised in the truth though, because you're young and unable to really truly think for yourself. Usually your parents try to have you baptized before your 19. Really though, you're just learning about life, virginal thinking, really. Definately not ready for that kind of a commitment to the truth or anything. I don't know how this brilliant man could give up such a career. Not too brilliant at all, really. It's very sad. When he's 80 and looking back on his life I wonder what he will be thinking. Probably he will be very depressed and sad like the other JW's in the Org. It's a vicious circle really! Panther

  • TD

    I agree, very sad.

    For JW's, this is a religious, not a medical issue. It would not matter if transfusion were 100% safe and effective.

    Consequently, harping on the dangers of donor blood (e.g. hemolytic transfusion reaction) as they do, amounts to one big, fat, smelly, dishonest red-herring since the JW's will not even allow the predonaton and storage of the patient's own blood.

    Once they allow autologous transfusion, then and only then may they legitimately attempt to make this something more than a matter of Biblical interpretation. (e.g. A medical issue)

    This doctor must be as dishonest as the JW leadership is, as there is no way in hell he could be that ignorant too.

  • Elsewhere

    That is scarry... they are using anicdotal stories to support medical positions. That is like doing a self-diagnosis after reading a Readers Digest article.

    Even when I was a JW I always wondered why they kept trying to use "medical reasons" to support their ban on blood. If this is a biblical matter, what the hell does any medical information have to do with a decision?

    Jebus was supposed to have cured a blind man by spitting in the dirt and rubbing the mud on the man's eyes. I wonder if the WTS can find any "medical evidence" to support the idea that rubbing mud in one's eyes can help the eyesight.

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