"What Makes A Good Leader?" - Nov. 1, Watchtower

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  • metatron

    The cover of the Nov. 1 Watchtower is a work of irony as it well illustrates many of the

    very accusations made about Witnesses. It shows three people staring off in different directions

    neither smiling nor conversing, looking to all the world like they are hypnotized or carefully

    posed zombies. I wonder if Bethel ever thinks about this sort of portrayal.

    The featured article makes no effort to offer modern day Witnesses as examples of good

    leadership. That silence makes you wonder if the claim of a 'spiritual paradise' has finally

    run out of steam.

    As with many Watchtowers, it offers the example of a faithful elderly Witness. This is

    a habit unencumbered by the current exodus of youth from the organization. Dying faithful

    seems to be the sought after goal. It's no wonder the next generation is lost to them.

    Finally, the magazine concludes with the yearly appeal for contributions as a tired flock is

    asked for money and property - often in connection with their deaths.

    If someone needs uplift, let them look elsewhere. Nations rise and fall but the

    Watchtower stays as it is - even down to the vacant stares on its cover.


  • 95stormfront

    Ahh....the annual "begging for money" issue......

  • Confucious

    I still remember the first time we considered one of those WT where they begged for money.

    I mean, granted... I'm not a supporter of the Catholic religion.

    But I'm not sure that they even put on their brochure how to donate after you die.

  • Flash
    The featured article makes no effort to offer modern day Witnesses as examples of good leadership.

    The WTS doesn't want true leaders, only FOLLOWERS! It has systematicly dumbed-down the congregations and conditioned them to put their brains in neutral. They have crippled the 'critical thinking' of the people so where are real leaders going to come from?? Besides it goes counter to the culture they created within the Org. If they ever wanted real leaders they'd be hard pressed to find them among the faithful! They shot themselves in the foot real good!!! LOL History though has shown the GB only wants 'YES MEN' in so called leadership postions.

  • sf

    Just wanted to ~bttt~ so as it is not buried. And so that I can 'feed' it into the chatroom and watch them try to rationalize its contents.


  • seattleniceguy

    (double post)

  • seattleniceguy


    I'm a dedicated fan of your posts. Always thought-provoking. Always spot-on. Always...metatron.

    Just wanted to let you know you are appreciated.


  • Gretchen956

    My first reaction is, what makes you think they know what a good leader is? You don't find good leaders at the Watchtower! If they actually put the attributes of a good leader in the article maybe the zombies sheep would actually see that the elders don't have the trainig (or aptitude sometimes) to be good leaders, and the GB are NOT good leaders because they like the top-down hierarchiacal dictatorial method.

    We don't want people waking up, now do we?


  • Flash
    ...the GB are NOT good leaders because they like the top-down hierarchiacal dictatorial method.

    Sherry, I hope you don't mind a little 'repetition for emphasis?'

    I think the GB would serve the congregation better if they adopted more of a Business Model rather than the Military one they've been using.

  • dothemath

    For every problem in the world........it's always the same answer- God's Kingdom will correct everything.

    This is an encouraging thought, but isn't often a "Christian" thing to do to be involved in helping out with at least some of the world's problems?

    Many in our congregation use an organization for the handicapped to get free transportation to the Kingdom Hall...........yet are we ever encouraged to send donations to this organization? No.........pretty much the opposite. Rather we get the annual (seems to be more often than that in recent years) reminder of all the various ways to contribute to the Society.

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