great tribulation?

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  • holly

    amazing memory you got there! i think Satan has to wait a bit longer to get locked up though. I think that happens at or after im told anyway, but im new to all this stuff

  • jeanniebeanz
    Did your folks ever do hiding drills with you? Just in case of persecution?

    I have not thought about this in years! Yeah, I remember. Once this guy came by the congregation peddling freeze dried survival food in tins and my parents bought into the whole 'we'll be on the run for our lives soon' mentality and bought hundreds of dollars worth of it. Keep in mind this was in the very early 70's. It was a lot of money that we did not have.

    As the years went on, it turned up at the dinner table on a regular basis. Yuck! Ever have 5 year old freeze dried 'mystery stew'?

    * eyes watering, feeling ill, must go...*


  • Honesty

    I guess I wasn't a good dub because I never believed any of that Great Tribulation shit the WT is so concerned with. I just keep remebering what Rev 1:3 says about being Blessed. Has the WTBTS ever got any shit they put out right other than C.T. Russelll figured out the year 1914 by measuring some damn pyramid in Egypt. What a fruitcake and to think I once believed that crap.

  • IP_SEC

    Actually a few years back we got some new light on the trib.

    According to the GB, since the trib in 1st century Jerusalem occured in 2 stages so it will be with the Gtrib.

    2 stages you ask?? 66 AD romans come and the trib starts *get ready for new light* then the days of the trib were 'cut short' for 'flesh' or christians to be saved when the Romans unexpectedly left. Now enter 70 AD and they return and sack Jeru.Salem.

    So in our time the discusting thing will first destroy BTG, this corrisponds to the first 'phase' of the trib on Jerusalem. Then the discusting thing will turn on gods peeps dwelling in security. At this time Michael will stand up and fight for his peeps. The second stage is HARMAGEDDDDDON

    I dont think many witnesses have the same idea of the trib *concentration camps and the like* that they had in times past. I think the general idea is from the liturature that if you make it to the second stage you are home free and assured protection by Jehovah... er Mike... Um well anyhow. this is the ref to the new light.

    2/15/95 WT Saved Alive Through the Great Tribulation studly article

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