What Is The Kindest Thing That Someone Has Ever Done For You?

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  • DireStraitJacket

    There are several, this is one I only recently found out about..
    I was in my second year at high school, and the fees had unexpectedly doubled from the previous year. We were barely managing to pay them before the increase, now it was impossible. The result would have meant I wouldn't be allowed to apply for the following year, and I wouldn't get results for the current year, making application at another school almost impossible.
    There was one other JW kid at my school who went to a different congregation, he's dad got several brothers from the other congregation to put some money together, and they paid off my fees that year, and made a contribution towards the following year as well.
    The downside to this was I had to try be friends with the guy, he being an outdoor good at sports person, back then I was the typical geek, with thick glasses & side parting. We never got along well..

    Oh another time I was at a 'worldly' friends house the day after christmas (I was just getting out of the org), naturally the conversation got around to what everyone got for christmas, I said I got nothing. It was no big deal to me, I honestly didn't care and still don't care about christmas.. but they were completely shocked. An hour later my friends mom came and gave me an envelope with some cash in it. I had no idea what to do.. I stammered thanks very much.. it brought tears to my eyes later that day when I got over the shock and really thought about what they had done.

    Now I try surprise people with gifts, like giving them a birthday gift a week or two before their birthday, when they don't expect it, it has much more of an impact on them...

  • bebu

    We'd rented out our home for a year, expecting to come back to the area after my husband got some specialized training in another state. Things didn't go as expected, but our renters wanted to buy our home. They didn't buy it, but they thoroughly TRASHED it, breaking doors, windows, walls, lights, and appliances.

    My husband and I drove 12 hours to repair the place and get it ready somehow for sale. After 2 days, he fell extremely ill, and I was facing this disaster alone... I was 7 months pregnant, and overwhelmed.

    My mom had aa trip planned, so I called home, just to talk to my dad and hopefully hear some encouragement. All I expected was someone who would sympathize when I cried (I didn't want my husband to feel worse). When my mom picked up the phone, I was surprised... and she asked me what was wrong, and I broke down completely. ...NEVER had done that before with anyone, let alone my mom!!!

    Upshot: Two days later, she arrived with my brother-in-law in tow (they also drove 12 hours to get there), and they stayed for the balance of time helping to make repairs and clean and paint and all that was needed to at least get the home to where it could be shown without major embarassment. She worked from sun-up to sun-down and never complained even once!

    I had always been a bit cynical about my mom's love... but now I know how powerfully she does love me.


  • truthseeker1

    Getting my balls rubbed til I fall asleep.

  • Wolfgirl
    (((WorfGirl))) that was nice from you hubby (but somehow a duty) Still he must be strong to be able to listen and not punch !

    He wasn't my hubby then. We didn't get married until nearly a year and a half later. We were just starting off in the romantic part of our relationship (we were friends first), and he helped me carry my emotional baggage right from the start. Now he's helped me get rid of it for the most part.

  • candidlynuts

    one thing thats going on now.. my car died and i havent been able to drive the 2 hours to see my kids in months, my internet girlfriends i've had for 7 yrs have gotten a few hundred bux together to help me buy a car. ( now i just gota find a 500 dollar car lol)

    another one i can remember is when my ex cheated and i was spending my days at work bawling all day, my work mates shut the store down at lunch one day just to take me to lunch and distract me. (that was awesome and i was shocked that " worldly" people would do something so nice)

    my parents have always been kind and supportive. once after my divorce when i was broker than broke my mom (knowing i wouldnt take any money cuz they are on fixed income) showed up with some groceries that were beyond NEEDED and saved my life lol. (i know i wasnt gonna starve but i was HUNGRY!)

    The kindest of all is the fact that i have friends now. i PRAYED and begged god the last 15 yrs i was a jw to please please please give me a friend. now i have several!

  • codeblue

    (((Bisous))), wow, that was truly kind what that woman did for you....I am sure it was her way of helping her to heal by helping you as well.

    I have been trying to sort out the kindest thing but for some reason I can't put one thing as the kindest. I have received many acts of kindnesses that have touched my heart.

    Going thru my divorce 7 years ago, was one of the most painful events in my life.

    I did have a couple older married JW's that showed me attention, which I really appreciated.

    However, I had to work full time. That's when I found out, like Franklin, that "worldly people" are always your friends. They saw me become anorexic and hardly smiled. A couple of the ladies there brought me a gift, they told me they wanted to see me "smile". I will never forget that day. Their kindness was totally unexpected!

    Also at work, during my divorce, one of the customers gave me a Christmas Card, which to this day I still have. It is addressed: "To a Special Lady"....(I wanted to cry as he handed me the card) I didn't really know this person. He came into my place of employment and we chatted for a few minutes. A complete stranger made me feel very valued!


  • Nancy Drake
    Nancy Drake

    I got pregnant by mistake shortly after I left the JW's. The guy who got me pregnant abandoned me for a "raver chick" (whom he got pregnant at almost the same time) He wanted me to have an abortion. I didn't know what to do because I didn't want to raise the baby alone. My gay friend stepped in and said that if I chose to keep the baby, he would help me raise it because he really wanted to have a baby but for obvious reasons probably would never have one.

    My son is five now, and my son still calls him Dad. He took care of me while I was pregant, was there for the birth, and is still in his life today. I don't know how I could have done it without him.

  • lawrence

    After my wife died I had a friend I played on the same men's league b-ball team and he would come by my house and bang on the windows as I sat alone in the dark. He wouldn't stop banging the windows until I came out, and we would go play b-ball, have some beers, and talk. That was so precious what David did. Call him every Xmas to say thanx.

  • Corvin

    My adopted dad (just a great father figure and friend, not really related, you know), Jerry, recently popped in to return some stuff he had borrowed. He has been holding on to this beautiful gibson epiphone electric guitar for about 25 years or more. It was his baby and he cherished it more than my life, I think. Well, he comes in carrying it and a guitar amp. I never thought for a second it was a gift, but son-uva- . . . he says, "here ye go son".

    I was speechless. When I said, "dad, I'm not taking your guitar! I don't deserve this . . .", he cut me off and said, "no, my [natural born] son doesn't deserve it. Hell, he can't even play it. At least you'll get some good use out of it."

    I was speechless again. I just shut up an accepted it graciously from that point on, but I have to say that this was best gift I have ever received from anyone just based on the sheer unexpectedness of it. Now I know how a member of the memphis mafia felt when Elvis gave him a Caddie.


  • confusedjw

    My best friend helped my build my addition on the house. He came over night after night and on weekends to help. He's a contractor.

    Also a few friends in the cong threw a "building day" for me and we got a lot done. Those are fun and common and productive in this area.

    Nicest thing I can remember.

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