Stop them! They're going after the Hall!!!!!

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  • kwintestal

    Each year on Devil's Night (Oct. 30 for those who are unaware of it's title) and Halloween, all of our area halls would gather a group of brothers, usually elders, and they'd take shifts in "guarding" the Kingdumb Hall, protecting Jehovah's sacred place from evil youths bent on vandalising it. I can't see anyone vandalizing it as a target, except x-JW's but x-JW's would do it anytime of year, they don't need an occasion. Well one year in my late teens, and on my way out, one of my friends had the brilliant idea to drive around to the local halls, and throw ziplock bag packets (like a water ballon) of egg yolk and whites (no shells because they hurt), flower and oil at the ones guarding the hall, not the hall itself. Obviously it is not something I'd do now as I have matured (somewhat), but my first question is, is this a regular practice? Do most halls get a gang of JW loyals to guard the KH at all costs from the evil youth? I'm sure that the ones that my friends and I hit with the ziplock packets were quite proud that they diverted the attack from humiliating the KH, at their own expence. My second question is would you as an immature youth, taken the opportunity to conduct such an operation as this against elders who caused you much pain?


    BTW, at the time, it felt good. You ever had to clean egg, oil and flour off you? Tim Horton's napkins just doesn't cut it!

  • Scully

    egg, flour, oil and water?? sounds like Aunt Jemima pancake mix would be cheaper... LOL

    To answer your question... yes, the Brothers? in every congregation I ever went to would set up guard duty for the night before Hallowe'en. Where I grew up, they called it "mat night" because kids used to steal the welcome mats or even set them on fire. Now they just throw eggs and stuff at homes.

    Some dub kids I grew up with would use Mat Night as an opportunity to free people of the Christmas lights they had just put up on their homes... they'd pop all the little light bulbs out of the strand and smash them on the road. Their parents actually justified it by saying that Christmas was pagan and people shouldn't have been celebrating it anyway.

    Love, Scully

  • kwintestal

    I did that in Jr. High too! We'd take off from lunch and start grabbing X-mas lights from the neighborhood and break them. Was fun until we all got called to the principal's office. Turns out one of the houses belonged to an off-duty cop who photographed us all. Lucky us! We had to repay for the cost of the lights, and got a 1 day suspension for leaving the property during lunch.


  • freedom96

    Interesting that they would try to protect the hall. Never seen it in my time in.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Where I lived, Devil's night was not practiced as a custom, but on Halloween we always had to sit in our house with all the lights out ignoring the doorbell ring. When my siblings got older, they would hide in the bushes and steal the bags of candy from some of the kids without their parents out with them. I was too nice to do that.. heheheh. No guarding of the Kingdom Hall, though.


  • Dawn

    Sheesh - they are SO paranoid!

  • candidlynuts

    maybe they are afraid someone will spray paint the sign KINGDOM HELL

    or break a window... ( oh thats right.. no windows TO break lol)

  • Satanus

    One time, they caught the kids that had thrown something at the door during a meeting. They made them sit in the front row during the meeting. It must have been an experience for those kids.


  • kwintestal
    They made them sit in the front row during the meeting.

    Wouldn't that be forceful confinement? If I was the parent of the child I'd be going after someone's head. Who has the right to forcefully subject someone to that kind of torture.


  • lawrence


    I did guard duty at 3 different halls. What a flashback! Remember one in Everett, Mass. where we were talking about the "New Order" about 10 p.m. and a car drove by slowly and one brother said, "hey, they've been by here twice before." He moved toward the car and the kids chucked a few quart beer bottles at him, and boy oh boy was he frozen. They missed, split, and he was in field circus the next few weeks praising their bad aim. The next month he was running down another elder, forgot the bottle incident, and was wondering why one of the M.S. hadn't tended the literature counter the past 2 meetings. Oh yeah, every Mass. congo I knew would have guard duty.

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