Mt. St. Helens is erupting...............just ash

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  • Mulan

    Just heard it on the news. It's a nice sunny, clear day, and they are saying it isn't a major eruption. Wind is going to the South so we won't get any ash.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Could this be just the beginning? Or is this it?

  • Mulan

    They are showing video of it on CNN from about 30 minutes ago. They are saying it is a "volcanic burp". Lots of black ash and rocks shooting into the air. Pretty neat video.

  • Elsewhere

    Mount St. Helens blows smoke, ash

    VANCOUVER, Washington (CNN) -- Mount St. Helens began blowing a large cloud of smoke and steam Friday afternoon following a week in which scientists have closely monitored the volcano.

    Officials placed the region around the mountain on a volcanic advisory on Wednesday.

    The advisory that was issued is the third of four levels -- with the fourth being eruption.

    The volcanic dome within the crater of the mountain has moved about three inches since Monday, according to U.S. Geological Survey geologist John Major.

    Friday's event was described as a small explosion by geologist Tom Pierson. It could be the first of larger events, including an eruption, or it could be the end of a recent pattern of activity.

    Late last week, seismologists began recording "swarms" of earthquake activity from the volcano.

    The activity increased last weekend, and the Cascades Volcano Observatory scientists reported three to four quakes a minute with largest measuring 3.3.

    Scientists reported some fracturing to the glacier; however, no cracking was detected on the outside of the crater.

    "The cracking is much less cracking than past events in 1980, 1986, but the seismic pattern is similar," Major said. "It looks like something similar to 1984, 1985, and 1986 dome-building eruptions."

    Thermal imaging is tracking changes in the lava dome and the side of the volcano for signs that magma might be moving in the mountain.

    "The one thing that can not be ruled out is an eruption accompanied by a small explosion," said Elliot Endo, scientist in charge at Cascades Volcano Observatory.

    Scientists continue to monitor the activity.

    While an eruption could ooze magma within the crater, the larger concern is that it would send up a cloud of ash that would be spread by the wind and could become an aviation hazard, scientists have said.

    Scientists do not expect a repeat of the 1980 eruption.

    With an earthquake measuring a magnitude of 5.1, Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980. The north face collapsed in a massive rock debris avalanche.

    The nine-hour eruption blew over or killed nearly 230 square miles of forest and sent a mushroom cloud of ash thousands of feet into the sky. That eruption killed 57 people.

    Although some areas around the mountain have been closed to climbers and hikers this week, the visitor center just five miles away remains open.

  • Mulan

    I just heard the ash is blowing to the East, not the South, but they don't anticipate a problem with it. So far, it just looks like light clouds.

    CNN is showing a lava bowl though. I've never seen that before at that mountain.

    The mountain is pretty quiet now though.................earthquake activity has slowed way down.

  • Princess

    My friend on the radio keeps saying Mt St Helens "tooted". Cracks me up.

    I just came from Seattle. Bright clear sky, no sign of ash. I had no idea until I heard it on the radio. Last time, in 1980, I heard the blast clearly and it shook the front window on the house.

    This is truly no big deal at this time.

  • shotgun


    Quickly run up and place peas all around the Volcano's rim, then hide behind a nearby rock.

    Then when the scientists stop for a pea run up behind them and kick them in the Ash hole.

  • CeriseRose

    Heck, we heard St. Helens in 1980 way up here in Vancouver BC!

    Fiancé lives VERY close to that mountain and is driving up to visit me now (going through Seattle at last call)...and he got a call from his catsitter that it (the mountain, not the cats) "burped" and it's over. So good news for him, he was a little worried about being away and the possibility of problems at home.

    So I'm glad for everyone involved.

    (What kind of place am I moving to? Here I only had to worry about earthquakes! hehe)

  • Princess

    Where does he live CeriseRose? My mother-in-law lives in Castle Rock, we are down there fairly regularly so the kids can visit grandma.

  • Mulan
    CNN is showing a lava bowl though.

    That footage must have been from Hawaii or another place with lava flows. It's not showing now. That really had me confused.

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