Pitcairn Islanders - Paedophiles?

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  • barry

    I just got back from the SDA church and in the Record a free periodical published weekly I found an artical on Pitcain Island.

    The heading read. Church sends support for Pitcairn Island.

    The South Pacific Division has sent pastoral support to remote Pitcairn Island during an upcoming trial. Pastor Ray Coombe and his wife, Daphne, departed for the Island on Sept. 19.

    In 1999, allegations of abuse rocked the tiny island community of just under 50 people. After much attention from the international media, the island is now bracing itself for the trial of seven Pitcairn Islanders.

    It will take Pastor and Mrs Coombe five days to get to the island by boat and plane, but Pastor Coombe says it will be "well woth it.'

    The church and community there needs pastoral support during the trial and media attention. We want them to know we care for them,' he says.

    The Coombes will stay on the island until mid October when Pitcairn,s replacement pastor is due to arrive. The island has been without a pastor for the past few months.

    Lyle Burgoyne, serving as pastor and medical officer, enjoyed both his roles on Pitcairn, but had to return earlier this year when the British government stipend ended in order to assign a doctor to Pitcairn.

    The island once boasted an all Adventist population, but the membership has dropped significantly over the past 60 years. Now only eight to ten of the islanders regularly attend worship services.

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church in the South Pacific asks church members to keep the people of Pitcairn Island in their prayers. Adam Sparke.

    Because of all this my wife calls me a Davidian again. Remember those people in Waco Texas she called me a Davidian because of all that because they were an offshoot of the Adventist Church in the 1920s. Im so glad you people on here dont call me a Davidian. Barry

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  • badboy

    Some of the accused were married with children.

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