JW Care Homes For The Elderly.

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  • core

    These homes doubtless offer "employment" to some on higher wages than the lowly dubs cleaning etc - also what capital outlay was needed to set up facilities which could have such a turnover - where did the capital come from ?

    Am I right in assuming that these are not FREE to residents but charge just as do other homes in the care section of the community?

    From the expenditure/income figures looks like lots of spare cash floating around - anyone know anything about the people behind this?

  • Englishman

    Ozzie quoted:

    staffed only by younger members of the community of Jehovah's Witnesses. This staffing provided only by Jehovah's Witnesses is absolutely necessar

    Ah...young people of 17 get a much reduced minimum wage according to this:


    Minimum Wage Levels

    The current rate (from 1 October 2004) for the national minimum wage is £4.85 per hour, and now applies to home workers too.

    The young workers' (18 - 21 year olds) current rate is £4.10 per hour.

    In addition a new rate for 17 and 17 year olds has been introduced in October 2004 of £3.00 per hour (but note that apprentices will be exempt from the new young worker's rate.

    For more information check out the DTI's website at www.dti.gov.uk/er/nmw


  • core

    The appeal for funds on the Jah-Jireh site is sickening - resorting to emotional blackmail based on James words - for some years as a cong PO, I received Newsletters from Jah-Jireh (who gave them my address ??) in which they appealed for volunteers, staff from among the brothers and funds - from my observation this arrangement is a sickening play on the good nature of the "brotherhood" - another post asked about cliques - well my view of this is here is another one.

    If anyone had ever tried to appeal for any help/funds etc in this way in the past then the WT would have been down like a ton of bricks - using brothers to your own advantage etc - why do they allow - and tacitly approve - of this ?

    The need for such ho mes should give the residents pause for thought as to when the Paradise will transform this earth - most of the residents will have been waiting for decades, not expecting to be in old peoples care homes.

    The need for this type of care further convinces me of how I wasted my life with the WT - no delivery on any of the "promises" - I can think of nothing worse than to end up in such a home - patronised by the elite and paraded as an example of the rewards of service - some reward!

  • heathen

    That's the first I've heard of elderly homes for the jdubs . It would be nice if you added the curency exchange rate so us here in america can get a better picture of what is going on. I would say it is a nice thing to see them finally address these type of things as they do show a lack of compassion that I could see for members . As been brought out they would probly accuse you of something and kick you out before anything like that ever happened . They don't bother with caring for widows and orphans so I think this is a nice change .

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