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  • Corvin

    Anyone who wishes to keep in touch with me via email, please write down my email address: [email protected]

    You will know why shortly. I will not state my reasons for this email addy offering you can read about it soon at

    Best Regards,


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Thanks, Corvin, got it.

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Well it was nice meeting you Corvin even though it was very brief. It sounds as though you do not plan to be using this site as a means of communication in the future. I am going to guess that this has something to do with the recent squabbling over the racism issue. I hope that you get an opportunity to revisit the site again after their has been a period of calm. Good luck with your family, God bless and remember "Be Happy" it's good for the family.

  • avishai

    You can call me anytime, buddy.

  • Bryan

    Nice website Corvin. Maybe you should include books in your Media link.

    Take care,


  • hubert

    Corvin, Although very sad, your posts gave all of us, including me, courage and inspiration to help them deal with their own situations.

    If we could all be like you, (and many are), we could really make a difference in the world concerning this cult.

    Thanks for being here for us. I wish you continued success in your fight for your children.

    God bless you.

    I'll keep in touch.


  • Corvin

    Earlier today, I really took exception not only to the accusation of racism, but of a seemingly absurd incident with another whom I will not mention because this person is really not worth the trouble. They have their thing going and I have mine and there is really no conflict where it really matters. I was going to just leave and try and keep in contact with those I have grown very fond of, and to write about it, but I have decided against it, and again, it is not worth it. Whatever slight I may have felt, or whatever goof-ball idiotic squabbling there might have been no longer matters to me in the least, and I see this board as a forum for doing much good, and I, although having a legitimate cause for complaint, will therefore continue to lend my support to it without complaint or dessension.

    Best Regards,


  • gypsywildone

    Why do you give 2 shits about WHAT anyone else thinks or accuses you of? Who cares! Your friends care about you, some people are nagative & want to fight with anyone over anything, & let it roll baby!

    Man, I hate to see someone caring, sensible & relevant leave!

  • Happy Guy :)
    Happy Guy :)

    Glad to see you take that approach Corvin. Where you have alot of people interacting (much like this board) you are bound to bump heads here and there. What makes this board intereting is the geographical, age, race and background diversity yet a commonality of strong heartfelt feelings about being jerked around by the JW cult. The general support and concern for eachother here is very impressive. Before I even registered an account I read the posts. I had no interest initially in registering because I was never a JW. In fact the WTBTS cult has gone far out of it's way to f**k me and my children up. They have been out of our lives for some time now and if I never ran into a JW for the rest of my life I would be glad. I was so impressed of the quality of the posts at this website and even more impressed with the way you all support each other that it was inspiring enough for me to register and post. Everyday someone is being f****ed over by that cult and chances are many will stop in here to see what this is all about. So much good can come (and probably has come) from this site as a resource.

  • little1


    I'm glad you won't let a few malcontents run you off. I read last week your story and updates and was glad to have found them. I admire your fight, and your support of your kids. I look forward to reading the updates in the future. There are more here who benefit from your posts than who disagree, I'm sure.

    All the best,


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