Spain Church blasts gay marriage

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  • ignored_one

    No surprise there then.

    BBC NEWS Spain Church blasts gay marriage
    By Robert Piggott
    BBC religious affairs correspondent

    The Roman Catholic Church has attacked the Spanish government's plans to introduce gay marriage, comparing them to releasing a virus into society.

    The government says it expects homosexual people to be able to marry as early as next year.

    The legislation highlights the steep decline in the power and authority of the Church in Western Europe.

    This is especially the case in Spain - which was until recently one of Europe's most devout countries.


    The bill allowing same sex marriage - expected to be passed by the Spanish cabinet this week - has prompted a harsh response from Roman Catholic bishops.

    Their spokesman likened gay marriages to a counterfeit currency.

    "It would impose on society a virus, something false, which will have negative consequences for social life," Juan Antonio Martinez Camino said.

    Socialist Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero took office in April, intending to remove what he called the Church's undeniable advantages and create a secular state with streamlined divorce and relaxations in abortion law.

    The changes have distressed and outraged the Church, whose influence on Spaniards has declined precipitously since the death in 1975 of the dictator General Francisco Franco. His regime was closely linked to the Church.

    Opinion polls suggest that nearly half of Spaniards now almost never go to mass.

    Story from BBC NEWS:

    Published: 2004/09/28 03:58:05 GMT

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    OMG...The sky is falling...the sky is falling.


    Ignored One.

  • Gretchen956

    Yea, yea, yea, same old song by the church, they actually tried to blame the pedophile thing on "gay" clergy. When all is said and done, my marrying my partner will have no impact on society.


  • ignored_one

    So gay marriage is a 'virus'?



    Ignored One.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Yep I think I caught it once when I didnt wash my hands very well at an Interstate truck stop bathroom. Thank goodness the church was offering cheap vacinations.

    Viva Espana!

  • jwbot

    ahh the church, the pinacle of love!

  • Brummie

    One thing we have to accept is that Society is complex and not made up of one opinion, the church does not have to accept the gay marriage as long as they dont harm the gay person. Its their perogative to believe something different to what most of us do, look at JWs allowing people to die by refusing blood, we dont accept that belief but we have to accept that others do.


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