Questions on Adam & Eve?

by kls 48 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • kls

    It has been a long time since i opened a Bible but these questions keep coming up in my head so i thought i would ask our all knowing here.

    Why did Adam & Eve need names it was only the two of them at first?

    Was it God himself who wrote of Adam & Eve because there was no one else alive at the beginning to tell the tale?

  • Mulan

    interesting questions

    I guess the obvious answer is that it is a FAIRY TALE

  • kls

    Mulan that is what i come up with . I cannot believe it could be real there are to many questions even if small ones for this to be true.

  • Mulan

    I of my grandsons, when he was 5 or 6, was told this story and he said "that's just isn't real is it?" (or something similar)

    Sometimes kids just really say it like it is.

  • willy_think

    As i understand the metaphor, the forbidden tree contained the the knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong, perfect and flawed, and so on. When the fruit was eaten Adam and Eve became aware of there flaws and filet shame.

  • kls

    Willy, i understand that but it still does answer why they would be embarrassed of each other being naked . They were having sex and the only ones alive so why? They weren't worried of having sex but they couldn't see each other naked ? It just all seems made up.

  • recoveringjw


    According to the fairy tale, they were perfect, they didn't have any flaws.

    KLS--I just finished a book called Leaving Eden by Ann Chamberlin--it's her fictional take on the story of Adam and Eve. Very interesting story. It also involves Lilith as a sort of Earth Mother/Goddess/demon. Ms. Chamberlin's story made more sense to me than the account in Genesis.


  • gumby
    This makes no sense since they had been naked and where having sex so why were they embarrassed?

    It is explained by many religious groups....dubs included, that they lost their innocence when they sinned and god made them realise this by making them conscience they were naked. My theory is....god made Adam have major "shrinkage" and made Eve's boobs go saggy and so they both hid their ugliness.


  • kls

    Gumby that sounds like a probability and makes more sense then i can come up with . ,,,,,,,LOL

  • shotgun

    KLS..not many know this but when God was walking in the garden playing hide and seek with the perfect couple he yelled "where are you, come out come out where ever you are" and then caught them behind the prickly pear bush.

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