Were Russell's Associates Who Went To Prison Considered Faithful To The End

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  • badboy

    mINIMUS,what was the warrant for Hirsh all about?

  • minimus

    I know that Hirsh was one of the principal players in not letting JFR try to take control over the Society. There were a lot of legal wrangling going on there. I would think once JFR got into power, he didn't forget that.

  • Athanasius

    Robert Hirsh left the Watch Tower in 1917 and with Paul Johnson and Raymond Jolly founded the Laymen's Home Missionary Movement.

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  • minimus

    I've always been fascinated by the early Bible Students.

  • Terry

    Counseling soldiers to abandon active duty was the crime of all crimes in the USA as they plunged headlong into WWI. It was considered tantamount to treason. Treason in time of war carries the death penalty if so enforced.

    Rutherford was at once a rabid individual filled with all sorts of animus toward Government, Catholicism, Christendom and later--the Prohibition Act forbidding alcohol sales. As we all know, the difference in Rutherford's writings (co-opting The Finished Mystery) and Russell's views became at once actionable.

    It is an old story we are all (mostly) familar with that Pastor Russell intended (in writing) for nobody to continue with new writing of new doctrine beyond what was already published by himself. Further, the names of the exact persons who were to maintain the Society was clearly breached when Rutherford ousted the lot.

    It is hardly noticed by the current administration of the Watchtower Society that Charles T. Russell had little if no link with Rutherford beyond the Judge's own theft of the corporation for his own malfeasance.

    The strangest man in the whole transition period was the fellow known to us all as Fred Franz who must have been promised the world as his oyster and installed as resident prophet.

    Surely Franz could have had some mighty sharp opinions about the continuity of Russell to Rutherford had he wished to express them.

  • minimus

    We know a lot about the principals but I'm fascinated by the other "pilgrims" that made the Bible Students happen.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Robison was a very interesting character. Although he was called "Professor Robison" in some WT publications while he was in their good graces, it is absolutley impossible to prove that he had more than two years education in a technical school, and the companies for whom he is claimed to have worked after he left the WTB&TS have no records of him. His wife, Almeta Nation Robison, was a signatory on Pastor Russell's will, and was said to have been one of the bethel osteopaths, yet no proof of that remains today either. While Prof. Robison's headstone still stands today, no trace of Almeta's can be found. It is unlikely that she is in the anonymous WT plot on Staten Island, since her husband pre-deceased her by many years and they had both left Bethel when Prof. Robison joined up with the Universalists.

    People who associate wwith the Watchtower just evaporate, given enough time.

  • minimus

    Nathan, I never heard of him.

    Very interesting!

  • designs

    My Grandfather was one of those arrested. He lived another 40 years passing away in the late 1950's. He trasitioned from being a Bible Student Associate to being a Jehovah's Witness on up to the end of his life.

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