I propose a bare fisted match between Bush and Kerry

by lawrence 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • lawrence

    I propose a bare fisted match between Bush and Kerry, locked cage, one man comes out alive, that doesn't mean we want either as president, just let em fight it out, to the death, and save the airwaves. After that maybe Barbara Boxer versus Ruth Ginsburg, both in 'Lingerie of Hollywood' getups.

    Now, I'd buy tickets for that, you? How much would you pay?

  • heathen

    What a great idea . I kinda exspect those 2 to take out a glove and slap each other with a challenge for a dual . "ewe sah ah a bungeling idiaht". " why do ewe not use some undah ahm deodahrant , we ah soo tahyard of seein yer sweaty undah ahms on the tele". LOL

  • Stephanus

    I really get sick of this sort of silly suggestion. Would you have us go back to "ye goode olde days" when the king was the biggest, ugliest mutha that could swing a mace and chain? I much prefer representative democracy, thank you very much!

  • ColdRedRain

    If that ever happened in Minnesota, Jesse Ventura would have been governer for life.

  • lawrence


    Wake up! It's still "the good ole days" in many parts of America, but masked by Madison Avenue marketing. A mace required strength and passion to swing, lot better than whispering murmurs of castrated advisers.

  • Satanus

    Oh, they would probably put on a nice show in your cage. But, these guys both are members of the skull and bones fraternity. They are sworn to help a member in trouble, and otherwise uphold each other. A few yrs down the road, they will likely be getting together in their clubhouse and laughing at the stupid nonmember schmucks who thought the presidential race was real.


  • Elsewhere
  • willy_think


    I just got a visual of Bush laying dead with FOX news and CNN declaring him the winner.

  • lawrence


    That is great! LMAO!

  • SixofNine

    LOL @ Willythink. So true.

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