As a Witness, Were You Considered a "Balanced" Person??

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  • minimus

    JWs are the most unbalanced people in the world! How's that for exaggeration? It is difficult for a Witness to see where they might be out of synch because everyone is told to do more and that whatever they are doing, it could be done better......Were you viewed as a "spiritually balanced" Christian?

  • heathen

    I never had anybody say that about me . Because I questioned their "authority" I was put into the trouble maker crowd , " Least likely to achieve spiritual enlightenment ". I think I know more about it now than when I was a study .

  • minimus

    Most JWs consider themselves "balanced" until the elder has a talk with them to make them see they are out of synch.

  • RR

    I was well liked my the rank and file, I was fair and friendly. The P.O. didn't like me, because I questioned him. He surrounded himself with "yes men", but he found trouble with me because I spoke my mind and challenged him at every apportunity. He learned to respect me, but he still didn't like me.

    When I stepped down, the body of elder rejoiced.


  • ezekiel3

    "Spiritually Balanced" is just more loaded language. Notice how the term is transformed into a push for more production:


    w84 5/15 pp. 10-11 Keep Your Balance?How? ***

    Furthermore, those who have tried to balance a bicycle that is standing still appreciate the importance of forward momentum in maintaining balance. This point is vital because in recent years some have misused or misunderstood the expression "spiritual balance." "Do not spend so much time in the field ministry," they have said. "Spend more time at home with your family. Be balanced!" Following such improper advice has slowed the forward momentum of some and has hurt them spiritually, causing them to fall prey to self-indulgence.

  • minimus

    Taking care of your family= self-indulgence.

  • BluesBrother

    Well, I was an elder so I guess that means they viewed me as a "spiritual Man" - or at least had done 2 or 3 years ealier when I moved to that congo. It was becoming clearer and clearer though that I was getting out of step with the others, and a final discussion with the c/o about heavy rock music did, I beleive. cause their acceptance of my stepping down as an elder.

    Incidentally, a recent discussion with family about entertainment and films has made me realise what a gulf exists now between us. You know what I mean

  • minimus

    Could you explain your post a little more BB??

  • notperfectyet

    When I stepped down, the body of elder rejoiced.


    It was stepped aside RR, Geez...........

  • Golf

    Yes, when I was sober!


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