What made you "see the light"?

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  • hubert

    Looks like the U.N. issue is doing it's job, eh?

    I thought a lot would get out after the 1914 generation change? Maybe they are gradually coming out of it. I thought it would be massive, like the 1975 armagheddon did.

  • Tim Horton
    Tim Horton
    I thought a lot would get out after the 1914 generation change? Maybe they are gradually coming out of it. I thought it would be massive, like the 1975 armagheddon did.

  • DaCheech

    Many things about elders and their red tape in which imitates the political world!

    But lately, It's been the inperfection theory (Adam was perfect, and as time goes on we are getting more imperfect)

    Well, I tell my wife: If Adam/Eve sinned and Jehovah said to them they they will get sick and die now, why are

    we getting:

    1) birth defects (unloving of God), some are real serious such as conj. twins, spinodiffera, mongolism, etc

    2) people being born with both sex organs (God does not want gay people, how we he accept these, when he created them this way!) real dilemma, huh?

    3) Dinosours made to eat flesh

    4) If god put two trees in Eden, when he expelled Adam/Eve why did he need to guard them (when he could have destroyed them)

    5) People getting serious diseases even at 1 year of age (if point of imperfection true, God's curse would just get sick over time.... not right away)

    6) as someone said: monkey's masturbating. Well they have sex in any way possible, even with relatives, and homosexual..... why would God create them this way!

    7) (list could go on but I will finish here) inconsistencies with their persecution -vs- getting commendation from world complex (when good things written, JW's are highly reguarded, when bad things are written, the are persecuted for being God's people)

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    The 'New Generation' theory changing prompted me to study the history of the WTBTS.

    It was all down hill from that point, and will never ever be the same to me.

    I now regard it as just another religion, with its good points and bad. Just one more religion among thousands on earth.


  • hubert

    Doubtfully yours, Did the Watchtower gradually change the generation theory, or did it just "happen" all at once, at one monthly meeting?

  • DaCheech

    It was pronounced at the District convention, and confirmed in a WT approx 3-4 months after

  • MelbaToast

    I remember that- I though it was a circuit assembly, though, after all its been 9 years! I just remember thinking to myself, "what?" They had been using that stupid "the light gets brighter" the whole freakin weekend....and me being a rambuctious 17-year old at the time was busy thinking about the cute twins sitting down a few isles away.....In the "clique" of all the cool kids of the circuit.

    Blech. All the "cool" kids and "uncool" kids alike.....we are all df'd.

    Thats what I never could understand about my parents...and of course the parents of everyone else "raised" in the troof.....

    Did they not understand that kids need to have fun? Was being so fanatically strict on children the best way possible to make sure they are happy?

    I guess not. I suppose they thought we'd all be happy in the new order. I cant believe my mom still believes this dribble....you know she is somewhat intelligent. But I digress...Sorry for bringing anyone down...

    Melba of the "are things always going to be so damn complicated" class

  • outbutnotdown

    Two big things, about a year and a half apart, were finally enough to help me see the light.

    My now ex-wife and I got df'd for partaking of natural desires having sex before we got married. When I went to this one elder that I thought was actually a pretty good guy and asked for some help with the "problem", he told me that I had to come back first and get reinstated before he could help me with the problem.. He said that, since I had been disfellowshipped, he had "no obligation to help me." I don't know if I wasn't paying attention at meetings when they said that they never cared about genuine, sincere, repentant disfellowshipped people anymore, but that shocked the sh*t out of me.

    The next biggie was, when my oldest of four beautiful children was born, my brother called up, I think partly to congratulate me, and also to remind me that, 'since I was the head of the household, if I never went back to meetings that Brandon (my son) would die at Armageddon.'

    That ended it completely. I told him that I didn't believe that God would kill my son because I was a sinner. (I eventually got over the guilt problem, too. )

    Besides that, anyone who knew my ex-wife and I knew that I was NEVER the head of the household...... teehee. A little bit of levity there, but the rest is brutally honest.


  • DaCheech

    Do they think that kids go to assemblies for the talks? Girls!

  • hubert

    Wow ! I've never been in a cult before, so it's really hard to believe that people can actually treat other people the way the elders and the W.T. do. Of course, I know it's true, though. No one could make up stories like these and be so consistent, if it were not the truth. Each story I read is more "enlightening".

    Hubert, of the "new light".

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