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  • zion sleeping
    zion sleeping

    After reading the C of C book twice! I left it on the kitchen table for my wife(died hard dub). She said what is this? and I said if you want to learn the inner working of the W.T read it Sure hope she does.

  • Quotes

    Let's hope she does; but don't be surprised if she doesn't.

  • Mulan

    My husband did the same thing, and I went into a flaming rage at him, and would never have touched it. I didn't read it for several years after he did, and only after I knew the real truth myself.

    I thumbed through In Search of Christian Freedom at my cousin's house, and was furious about the things I read, and interpreted them as mean spirited lies by Ray Franz.

    You have to be ready to "see" it before you can read one of those books.

  • QCA1

    I always hid my c of c book in case my jw daughter-in-law pops in with my grandkids. Not on good terms at the moment i can leave it laying around now if i want.

    I haven't been here in a long time do any off you mind me staying awhile will post later about what happened with my daughter-in-law.


  • Mulan

    tell us..............and welcome back

  • cyrus

    Hi guys,i,ve read a lot of posts on various sites about this book ,but surely this is a book written by a man who was pushed out of the gb of course he is going to be anti or can the things hes written be substantiated ?or is it just a simple case of an ex member having a one sided rant ?something ex husbands and wives do and ex employees.Just wondered as i havent read it myself YET.

  • Narkissos

    Welcome Cyrus,

    Read it and you'll know for sure. This book is farther from a "ex"'s rant than you can imagine.

  • Mulan

    There are pages and pages of documentation, copies of letters and other confidential documents Ray still had in his possession. The information is irrefutable, and that is why they don't want anyone to read it. I never went into a KH again, after I read this book in 1997.....................and I never will again.

  • TD


    Ex members of any group general have a credibility problem. Franz certainly knew this and took great pains to document most of what he states with photocopies of JW literature, and direct correspondence.

    He also refrains from being mean-spirited. The overall message seems to be that the fault is not that of individuals within the JW organization, but that of organization itself and in this, I think he makes a valid point. All organizations eventually become more interested in their own welfare than that of their members.

  • DaCheech

    s there anything in this book on whether the GB travel and vacation like Donald Trump?

    Ex: 1st class and 5 star resorts?

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