Why do JWs go to elders instead of the police?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    According to the WT, JW elders "can provide protection by listening attentively to his problem, offering Bible-based counsel, and giving encouragement or practical help. Like their appointed King, Christ Jesus, they want to help those who have been 'thrown about.' (Matthew 9:36) And they desire to assist others who have been damaged by the winds of false teaching. (Ephesians 4:14) Such assistance at the opportune time can prove vital."-A Hiding Place From The Wind (WT 2/15/02, page 23)

    Notice that it says the elders

    • can provide protection
    • encouragement
    • practical help
    • want to help those who have been 'thrown about.'

    Numerous if not hunmdreds of similar comments from the pages of the WTS and from the platform continually remind the JW that it is to the elders alone they should go with their problems.

    w98 8/15 p. 6 Confidence Can Be Restored! ??people who trust humans to achieve what only God can do?provide salvation and bring full peace with security?are headed for disappointment.?

    The authorities outside of the WTS are not to be trusted and help can only be attained through the society alone.

    Even if the "new" policy of the WTS says people can go to the authorities that doesn't mean the WTS thinks they should go outside of the organization. And after years of being told they will not get lasting relief outside of the organization I doubt many will.

    Anyone have other scriptures or thoughts on this?

  • Brownboy

    If someone did something injurious to me, and is a brother or sister, I would apply bible principles first. Of course, more outrageous conduct would have to be weighed out by the severity of the conduct, i.e. violent acts......child abuse etc. etc.

    More times than none, you can tell if a person if remorseful or not. If a person is caught and then admits to a wrong, it makes you wonder if they would have confessed in the first place. I would more than likely forgive someone who confesses. It is easy to say when you are not placed in the circumstance, so I would have to consider it wholeheartedly.


  • avishai
    Of course, more outrageous conduct would have to be weighed out by the severity of the conduct, i.e. violent acts......child abuse etc. etc.

    So, what would you do in these cases, what if someone raped your child and seemed repentant?

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    BB. a criminal act is a crime is a crime is a crime

    Report it to the police.

    Child abusers are remorseful about one thing - they got caught.

    Child abuser plan their crime. Child abuse is not a crime of passion. It is a deliberate act to get a child alone. To make sure no one walks in and catches him/her. To make sure the child remains silent. And then it is repeated over and over and over.

    Now to be fair BB I did not say this was to address the issue of child sexual abuse. Most people will try other methods before they consider going to the police. Personal grievances are not things you would go to the police about.

    avi - BREATHE

  • patio34
    A crime is a crime is a crime. ---Lady Lee

    If child abuse is put on that level, the answer should become clear. If a JW is robbed, they will call the police. It they're assaulted by a stranger, they'll no doubt call the police. Even with rape of an adult woman. And so on.

    Maybe a key to this is remembering that child abuse is a crime and perpetrator is a criminal. Period. Call the right authorities.

    It seems to be foggy when the perp is a JW. The dual thinking JWs have get them hung up on the "congregation's reputation."



  • Terry

    Being "no part of the world" is taken so literally that Jehovah't Witnesses lose track of the fact they are citizens who pay taxes for Superior Authority protections, courts, police services, etc.

    If we are to be obedient to the Superior Authorities because they have been placed over us by Jehovah; in what way do JW's actually violate that arrangement by taking the law into their own hands? Not reporting a crime, allowing a victim to remain in danger, not putting a mentally unbalanced person in counseling, all fail to deal with reality. There is no justice in failing to remedy evil.

    Besides, any person calling themselves a witness of Jehovah takes upon themselves the extra connotation of being an upholder of his values inasmuch as that JW represents to the world what it means to live under his "arrangement". What does it say to the world when the Governing Body authority of that "arrangement" becomes an obstacle to the remedy of harm, evil and immoral behavior?

    Which would be a greater indicator of justice and love among themselves: keeping silent and waiting on the situation to worsen, or, taking the matter to an immediate nexus of solution?

    The countless lives harmed or ruined by following the advice of their own religious authorities has placed the rank and file member of Jehovahs' Witnesses in an untenable position. They have become sacrifices to shame and shameful abandonment by the very people who should be most eager to keep them from harm.

    The shepherds of the flock of god would rather see a few sheep eaten than admit they weren't on the watch.

  • FairMind

    In all the years I have been in the "truth" I equated going to the elders only as having to do with matters of immorality. Events that have come to light in recent years show that my understanding was incomplete as going to the elders only also involved criminal matters. I don't know about others, but if I know of anyone (JW or not) that commits what I consider a serious crime whether it's against me or anyone else I'm telling the police. Doesn't the Bible say that Caesar wields a sword by the authority of God when it comes to the punishment of evildoers?


  • blondie

    JWs are conditioned to contact the representatives of the organization first, then the secular aurthorities if told to do so by the organization. At the last elders' school the elders were told to call Legal first, call Legal first, call Legal first.

    My husband was an elder at the time and later asked an elder if his child were murdered would he call the police first or Legal. The elder said, the police. He asked him why not call Legal first. The other elder said because it was a felony. My hubbie pointed out that child rape (molestation is too "nice" a word and is inaccurate) was a felony too. The other elder was visibly shaken.

    See they know the difference, but they are afraid to go against the direction of the WTS. If the elders were told to call Legal first in the case of a murder, most would do it.

    Blondie (seen it all)

  • stillajwexelder

    In fairness other organizations do not like airing their dirty linen in public - the Roman Catholic Church would prefer and has in the past to have matters handled by the church and not the secular authorities. They do not want outsiders to think badly of God's One True Organization.

  • avishai
    avi - BREATHE

    I will not. I'm gonna hold my breath til' I turn blue!!!! See?

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