Pay to have a plane banner fly over an assembly

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  • ezekiel3

    Randy: I read your referenced post and wanted to thank you for your work. I never made the connection, I guess I'll have to watch more "TV" in the future!

  • Dogpatch

    Well, back in 1982 it was only $400 for a 15-minute fly-over. I'm sure it's more now, but it would depend on the location. Southern Calif. is out now as they stopped it from happening here, so some of you others might check in your cities. Look under advertising banners or something. We get them all the time at the beach. If someone comes up with a plan, I'll donate to it as well! But an answering machine will need to be set up on a phone line. Not hard to do, and of course I'm serious. I would put on it: BETHEL IN TROUBLE - XXX-XXXX and have the message play something like Farkel's post on the Decline of Bethel. Maybe Farkel could record it!


  • freedom96

    Really shouldn't be too much money, especially if a bunch of us kicked in a little bit. It would be awesome to see the looks of the faces of all in attendance.

    I haven't been to an assembly in years, but it would be worth it, knowing exactly when they would fly by. Imagine a large district assembly, with several 10's of thousands there, and most would see the banner.

    Love it!!

  • Junction-Guy

    Randy, What an awesome idea, it really takes someone creative to think of something like this. I think its a good idea. Arent most assemblies and conventions nowadays indoor and air conditioned? I remember back in 1978 when I was 7 years old going to the old riverfront stadium in Cincinnati, it was very hot. It would have been hilarious if that could have happened back then. Can you imagine the looks on everyone's faces?


  • slipnslidemaster

    I think this is one of the best ideas that I've heard in a long time. Those stadiums are BORING during the conventions and a plane with a message would TOTALLY get read.

    However, it needs to be short, catchy and the website mentioned has to be easy to memorize. Nobody is going to write it on their programs or notes you know... but they just might remember the URL and look it up in the privacy of their own homes.

    I think that is catchy...I think that you should try and get .com because most people remember the www and the .com part but .org is hard to remember. But even still, is short and rememberable. I wish that Quotes website had an easy to remember URL. That is a GREAT site.

    I would donate to a plane or two.

    What about:

    1.) "New Light on Blood - People Die"

    2.) "Did You Scream - New Light on Rape"

    3.) "Armageddon - 1914, 1919, 1925, 1975 OR 2035?"

    I think this is a great idea!!

  • dmouse
  • RR

    how about dropping tracts like they did during the war years?


  • stillajwexelder

    Some great ideas - this would be brilliant - and if there was TV coverage also - wonderful

  • Dogpatch

    I still like: BETHEL IN TROUBLE -

    Keep in mind two things. It should not be obvious that it is an attack on their religion. Make them go read what it's about. The reason this one works well is:

    It's not sarcastic

    It does not indicate what the message will say, but it's about their HEADQUARTERS

    Itdoesn't indicate that the message is negative, could be insiders warning the brothers and sisters. Create a little mystique and make them go look it up. Many of the slogans they will simply brush off.

    It also has to be as short as possible to fit on a banner. Nothing wordy, no www. necessary. Even the dubs are smart enough to figure out that a word with a dot com or org is an internet address. :-))

    Anyone out there going to check the phone book for ads by plane in their area?


  • seattleniceguy

    Omigosh, this is so cool. That "artist's rendering" just floored me. We have GOT to do this!


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