Perfect picture for upcoming Watchtower..

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  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    Thought this pic reminded me of the ones I used to see in the various WT publications. Sure glad no one was in there! This was a result of one of the hurricanes that stormed through Orlando:

  • Lostreality

    that is so fudging awesome....mother nature does some funny they use this as a sign that god is begening to destroy false church building at a time, lol

  • Elsewhere

    Wow! And many people go to churches like that for "divine" protection during storms. Someone could have been kneeling in that very spot praying for protection.

  • cruzanheart

    You mean like the little old lady in Italy who got beaned with a 7-foot crucifix?,2933,133174,00.html


  • CoonDawg

    I drove past that church last week. I think it was on US 321 just up from the Florida line...north of DeFuniak Springs. They were detouring truck traffic there because of the hurricane taking out the Escambia Bay Bridge on I-10 just east of Pensacola.

    I had the same thoughts about it when I drove past.


  • Quotes

    Do the parishoners find this, um, eh, ...... inSPIREing????

  • shotgun

    The WT always depicted Steeples as being a phalic symbol, so that chuch got it's pee pee whacked off in a storm.

    This year Florida must be Babylon the Great or sumpin it's getting pummelled by Jehobah continually.

  • Special K
    Special K

    Talk about a church turning on it's people.

    Amazing picture.

    Special K

  • Special K
    Special K

    Elsewhere wrote:

    Wow! And many people go to churches like that for "divine" protection during storms.

    I watched a two hour expose on Rwanda last week.

    It was just horrible what happened there.

    Again, people would all flee to their church feeling they would be protected there. sometimes the church would have 100's and 100's of people there. It was too convenient for their machete wielding attackers they just went in an slaughtered and butchered them all. (very sad) So much for their faith.

    Approximately 800,000 people slaughtered there in Rwanda. Mass genocide. (just sickening)

    Special K

  • hubert

    Yeah the W.t. will probably draw a dagger handle on it, and the "Hand of Jehovah" holding it.

    Good play on words, quotes...Ha, Ha !

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