Jehovah Kingdom soon to come

by CYRUS THE GREAT 2004 16 Replies latest watchtower beliefs


    I write this post to proclaim that Jehovah?s new Kingdom is approaching.

    This new kingdom will be made up of those with an earthy hope. And, not ruled by those with a heavenly one. Ones that still believe the lie told to Eve you positively will not die.

    These one will emerge from Babylon soon.

    What will this new nation laws be. They will simply go to the last two laws given by the last known prophet Joshua the appointed King (aka Jesus Christ).

    These two laws are simple to understand but hard to obey. Love your God Jehovah with your whole heart. Love your neighbor as yourself. We are all brothers and sisters. We all bleed red. All life shares similar DNA but, we let these petty things and wants destroy this sense of family.

    We all want to survive to eat to reproduce. Some of us insist on rights expending more than our fare share of resources. Why because we have lost the concept of God. And have embraced the concept of good and bad on an individual level, instead of on a total level. If we continue like this only one outcome any one has ever been predicted. We will use up are resources and go extinct. But who has the right among us to decide how to use resources wisely a leader, a majority, a minority, or what. No man may live longer that seventy years in order make sure things are ok past that. A majority rule of people leads only to problems. So does a minority rule. What is left being ruled by a computer? If man does than what has he done created an artificial god with a program written by a man. Does not sound any better does it.

    We are all a family under God any way you look at it. I prefer a living god Jehovah to a machine any day. I believe that soon you will have to make that choice as well. That we will be basically at the beginning of the end when comes to that extreme as to create a machine that will control the masses giving into the need for a god.

    In conclusion please ridicule me at your pleasure but if you watch any TV, or Movies.

    Just like Jules Verne predicted a whole lot of things. Whatever man puts his mind to he will do given time. And given the recent boost in CPU developments you don?t have much longer to go before I?m right.

    pioneers take the arrows.

    besides if this is prophetic one way or another who is laughing.

    prophets of old were ridiculed the same way as will be.

    notice no date it is open but inevitable.

    resistance is futile.

  • Elsewhere

    Throughout history countless millions have predicted the end of the world and they all have one thing in common: They were all wrong.

  • Brummie
    resistance is futile.

    You sound like the gestapo


    Welcome aboard by the way, its always a good tonic to have someone lighten things up a bit.


  • qwerty

    Oh no here we go again!

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs

    Welcome, CYRUS THE GREAT 2004!!!

    Many people say: This is the end. But YOU have really convinced me that you have the REAL truth!!! So I need to ask you:

    What's your favorite pizza topping, dude?


  • Preston

    Farkel, is that you? You crack me up!

  • El Kabong
  • Nosferatu

    Depending on how slow you type, and if you ran your post through a spell-checker, and a grammar checker, you may have an hour to write down on your monthly report!

    BTW, the end was near in 1892.

  • Stefanie
    resistance is futile.

    muahahahahahahahahahahahaha haha

  • kls

    Really, if we want to hear this we all know how to answer the door.

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