THE GOOD: how do you determine what it is?

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  • Terry

    Do you like something because it is "good"?

    Or, is it good simply because you like it?

    How do you determine what is good? Can you prove it is good?

    What standard applies; simply your personal tastes?

    What happens when my good conflicts with your good? How can two "good" things conflict anyway?

    What is "the good" and how do you determine it?

  • xenawarrior

    It might be easier to answer all of that if I knew what you were actually asking. AND in the context of "child abuse" since that is the section it's under.

    Splain please

  • Farkel

    : THE GOOD: how do you determine what it is?

    Let God do it. It's even more confusing with him than it is with us:

    What's Right about Right?


  • Nat-Oz

    Don't even try analysing that stuff man, its just how you were brought up to be and how your parents were brought up. All depends on your environment. Am sure if I was brought up in a scummy area of Australia maybe I would have turned out different.

    Who knows.

  • dh

    Clint Eastwood was The Good!

  • Nat-Oz


  • Farkel


    : Don't even try analysing that stuff man,

    Only a fool would say something like that. Only a fool would deny the human ability to analyze anything. Only a fool would tell us not to do the only thing we can do that seperates us from the animals.

    The WTS told us to do exactly the same thing that you tell us to do. How do you think we react to such advice?

    Hint: think of having something placed rather violently where the sun don't shine......


  • heathen

    I think doing nothing is good . When people try to do too much it's not good . What's good for the goose is also good for the gander (so I've heard ) . It sounds like ducks know what the [email protected]#$ they are doing eh ?

  • Panda

    Child Abuse is NOT good...

  • Terry


    Apparently I need to jumpstart this discussion. Tweak it a little.

    There are people who don't analyze anything. They live in a stimulus/response mode most of the time. Whatever comes their way; they deal with it at that moment. So, for them, life is a surprise party all the time.

    I'm looking for people to answer my topic question who DO care to analyze things. I'm looking for people who want to prepare for life ahead by having a mental toolbox that will fix anything.

    We've all known the "handyman" who can repair any breakdown and get dysfunctional machinery up and running simply by knowing how it is supposed to work and having the right tools/parts to fix it. Right?

    That is the role Philosophy plays. It gives you a toolbox. It asks the question : What do I know and How do I know it?

    Many people in society do things everyday that LOOK GOOD to them, but, the injury they suffer afterward belies the apparent good of doing or obtaining it.

    Smoking, drinking, drugs, unprotected sex, speeding, dishonety----all seem "good" to the people doing them. But, the aftermath oftens sets them (and others) back in life and the personal toll of debt, injury, illness, etc. makes these actions obviously self-inflicted wounds instead of real "good".

    So, I ask again: HOW DO YOU determine what is the "good" thing for you to do, to think, to obtain?

    Do you use your head for anything other than a hatrack? If so, share it with the rest of us. Tell us how your sense of GOOD improves your life and gives you a leg up on surprises that catch you off guard.

    Thanks to Lady Lee for moving the thread from the wrong section. I was careless.

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