Sept. 11th was Jesus' Birthday-?

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  • abbagail

    Anyone ever hear this before? Wow...


    + September 11, 3 B.C -- Historian Dr. Ernest L. Martin's first article on the subject appeared in 1976, and in 1981 he published his research in "The Birth of Christ Recalculated". In 1991, the book was re-released as "The Star that Astonished the World." Dr. Martin revealed in his book, that the signs in the sky on the night of Jesus' birth occurred on only one day in 3 B.C., and they occurred exactly on September 11, 3 B.C. between 6:15 pm and 7:49 pm EST. [Ibid.]

    + September 11, 4000 B.C. -- According to Hebrew scriptures September 11, 1999 was the 6,000th anniversary of Adam's creation, and year 1 on the Hebrew calendar. [Ibid.]

    Don't you find these two events on a September 11 to be absolutely staggering? When you realize it seems probable that God used September 11 twice in history to dramatically intervene in world affairs, you have to wonder if the Illuminati is also trying to strike at God through using September 11 and the number "11" so many times in world history. We have already noted that the Bible assigns "11" to Antichrist in Daniel 7:7-8, which means the Illuminati was forced by God's Omnipotent power to assign the same number to Antichrist; however, it seems Satan would be eager to assign such a number if he thought he was striking a blow at God and His system by using this number and this date so many times.

    Read the ENTIRE article! It's a woozy-doozy. Go here... <>

    Wasn't the JW 'guestimate' for Jesus' birth around Sept. or Oct., possibly on the 4th or 5th (can't remember if it was Sept. or Oct. 4-5th). And I think they felt the year was 2 BCE-?

    The original reason I did a search re: 9-11-99 was because last week and this week on "Believers Voice of Vicitory," they are discussing the last days. The lady named Billye said when she visited Israel several times a few years ago, all the orthodox Jews and older religious men and 'sages' (her word) -- and just about everybody over there -- kept talking about 9/11/99. She asked them why? what's the big deal about 9/11/99? And they all told her that in their Jewish writings/traditions, etc., that 9-11-99 signified the beginning of the LAST FIVE YEARS LEFT.

    Hmmm, that would be THIS year! :-/

    And Jack Van Impe yesterday, when describing his new "Final World Government" video, said regarding the time-frame for these events: "soon - perhaps within months."

    I branched out to "Christian TV" about two years ago and the subject of the last days is a hot topic, definitely NOT unknown to other religions as the WT would have the JWs believe ("Only WE have the Truth," blah blah blah. NOT TRUE. Time to Wise Up, lol. ;-)


  • ezekiel3
    "soon - perhaps within months."

    Sounds like they're taking lessons from JWs!

    Oh, only 10 days left to get my time in so I can survive Armegeddon...

  • Kenneson

    "Within a few months." Very specific. Time enough for people to forget his prediction. Of course, the months will turn into years.

  • RevMalk

    ummmmm,.are we all gonna die?

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