A new song for all those ladies who have been misled in the past......

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  • stillajwexelder

    A new song for all those ladies who have been misled in the past......Sung to the Tune of " I Will Survive"

    At first I was afraid, I was petrified,
    When you said you had 10 inches Lord I almost died,
    But I'd spent oh so many yrs just waiting for a man that long,
    That I grew strong, And I knew that I could take you on. . .

    But there you are,
    Another lie,
    I was ready for a big mac and you've bought me a French fry,
    I should have known that it was bullsh*t,
    Just a sad pathetic dream, Should have known there was no anaconda lurking in those jeans.

    Go on now go,
    Walk out the door,
    Don't you promise me 10 inches then turn up with only 4,
    Weren't you a prat to think I wouldn't catch you out,
    Don't you know we're only joking when we say size doesn't count.
    I will survive, I will survive,
    Cos as long as I have batteries,
    My sex life is gonna thrive,
    I will always have good sex with a handful of latex,
    I will survive, I will survive. . .hey . hey

    It took all my self control not to laugh out loud,
    When I saw your little weiner standing tall and proud,
    But to hell with all your ego's and to hell with all your needs,
    Now I'm saving all my lovin for a cordless multispeed,

    Go on now go,
    Just make a dash,
    Last time I saw a pr*ck that small
    was watching Gladstone run nude hash,
    I should have asked for confirmation,
    Should have asked for referees,
    Then I wouldn't have you waving that wee winky thing at me.

    Go on now go,
    Just hit the track, Don't you bring me home no tiddlers,
    Cos I'll always throw them back,
    The only thing that I could do with a pr*ck as small as yours, Is to stick it with a tooth pick, Dip it in tomato sauce.

    Go on now go,
    Get out of my sight,
    I'm going back to my appliance,
    Cos I know it's length is right,
    And if I ever see your tiny tockley at my door,
    You'll be counting up your inches as you pick them off the floor.
    Go on now Go

  • Mac
    I was ready for a big mac and you've bought me a French fry,

    Damn...they're on to me !!!!!!!


  • StinkyPantz
  • Mac

    Oh.....so you think it's funny, huh, Britches? Try walking a mile in my skivvies......errrrrr, wait....that's not how that saying goes. mac, ya know I'm sensitive class

  • StinkyPantz


    You are such a nerd.. I was laughing at the song, not you!

  • Sassy

    tee hee.. that was cute.

    Can't say I've ever had to sing that song though..

  • Mac

    Huh...it's not ALL about me?

    mac, rude awakening class *weeps*

  • Elsewhere

    * Walks in to see what all the fuss is about... and trips over "myself" *


  • Mystery

    Do you have a copywright or can i send this around? ROFLMAO

  • morty

    [email protected] Else......

    that song is also way toooooo funny...

    I am just clearing up my coffee of the pc now...

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