New Brochure released at District Convention

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  • Balsam

    Well had some JW here yesterday. No they do not know I am an ex-JW. LOL I let them talk and they said they would bring me magazines if I wanted I said sure I find them interesting. Though I did not say why. I use the magazines when talking to JW online so this will be about the only way to get them now days. Maybe they will bring me their latest brochure, but I might not be interested enough. They didn't seem to interested in wasting time like we used to on folks. This same couple brought me the book "God's word or Man's?" which I took apart with them. I'm getting good at this. They left not knowing what to think.

  • czarofmischief

    And to think that some of the dubs are all excited about this "new light" that the end is "right around the corner."

    Yuk. It makes me sick.


  • OICU8it2

    I remember how exciting it was in '73 or so when the first of these tracts started coming at the assemblies/con-ventions. We all thought how powerful these tracts will be and the speaker actually said it wasn't known if there would be more or not, depending on the end, right around the corner. I mean, this was like a final witness. I'm still trying to get my foot out of my ass from kicking myself for falling for this crap.

  • BluesBrother
    It is one of the "kingdom news" tracts to get them all enthused about field service again. I heard that in the month of October they will be trying to get to everyone with it.

    Yay, Kindom News tract work ! I can still remember the original release "You have 100 to distribute in just 10 days brothers, can you do it?" "Yessss" we answered and went about it with gusto, After all, this had to be the final witnes, As I recall the leaflet was called "Has religion betrayed God and man?" , although I could stand corrected if someone knows better..

    30 years later , we are still here

  • anew

    I am sure it is to get everyone fired up. I am just curious as to why no books this time. Also heard the drama with the demonized girl was true. If that would have been a television show we all would have been advised to not watch it.

  • Nosferatu

    Now BluesBrother, you know better. The end is so much closer than before! And just think of how much closer it will be when I'm 62 years old!!!

    It's pretty stupid saying that the end is closer than before, when there is no set date to measure time. With no fixed date for the end, how the hell can they say the end is closer than before? They don't even have the Generation thing to estimate time with. As Tom Petty said, "The future is wide open".

  • Brownboy

    Well, what is it? At least provide the topic.


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