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  • Jim_TX

    I am easing into re-celebrating holidays. When I was a kid - we celebrated them... that was before my mom started studying with the JWs.

    I think my last was when I was about 5 or 6.

    My first - after 40 years - was a couple of years ago. I was invited over to a friends' house for a Thanksgiving meal. (Of course... I got lost - couldn't find their house - and spent the day at home...)

    They then invited me over for Halloween... Christmas... New Years... you get the idea.

    I think someone else already mentioned it - but it helps to have some friends who regularly celebrate - to help you re-integtrate. Most people are understanding, and willing to help.

    As for any 'religious' significance... I feel that Christmas is for friends and family to get together. I don't put any Jesus Christ - manger - stuff to it.

    Heck! Have fun! That's the main goal - or should be!

    There were too many... "Don't do this..." rules as a JW!!!

    But - if you feel that you _can't_ celebrate any holidays - then that is your choice - and that is okay, too.


    Jim TX

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