Song that's bugging me

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  • LittleToe

    Do you ever have one of those days where you hear a song on a TV ad, and it bugs you because you cant get it out of your head?

    I've been experiencing that all week. I don't recall the ad, and I'm pretty certain that the song was on the soundtrack for a movie, too (A.I. ???).

    I think it's a guy singing "Somewhere over the rainbow", but the "when I wish upon a star" bit is done in falsetto.
    I'm almost certain it's been released in the last five years and I love it, cant get it out of my head, but can't place it.

    A cyberhug to the first person who can correctly identify it for me, and a bonus for someone who can locate the MP3.

    Frustration, frustration, frustration!!!

  • confusedjw

    Here then:

    "It's a small world after all, It's a small world after all..............................."

  • Gadget

    Try .

    See you next next Saturday morning budd!

  • xenawarrior

    Israel Kamakawiwo'ole and it's on the "Facing Future" cd.

    Awesome song

  • LittleToe

    You just earned yourself a cyberhug ((((hug))))

    It's not his first version, but the unplugged one that he also chopped down for his "Alone in IZ world" album.
    It was used in ER in 2001, and "Meet Joe Black".

    It's got a eerie quality about it that is just so moving!!!
    "Awesome song", indeed!

    It was really bugging me where I knew it from.

  • caspian

    And theres me thinking that your fave song is.

    Donald where's your trooser's. (12" murder mix)

  • Nat-Oz

    oooh yeah, love that song.

    Its like a cool version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

    It comes on at the end of 50 First Dates with Drew Barrymorre !!

  • ozziepost

    G'day Cas!

  • caspian

    Hey Oz

    Hope you and the Mrs Oz are Ok.

  • LittleToe

    That was a really strange movie. I saw it on the plane on the way home from Dallas this year.
    It's moving moments wouldn't have been half as effective without that soundtrack.

    Cas:I don't know where you got that impression, but I like that one too.
    "When the winds blow high, and the winds blow low..."

    So, are you coming in from the cold yet
    We've a Fest in Scotland in a weeks time, if you can make it up to Edinburgh...

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