I remember telling Scootergirl a few months ago I wouldn't buy one of these

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  • confusedjw

    Really, I think I am going to stick with Johnny and Baby

    Sure you are, but we know their "real" names.

    Have fun with them! (The one called ConfusedJW likes a steak and eggs breakfast about every six months and really likes those "Real Man Miller High Life" commercials so make sure he can see the tv. Oh! and nachos with a late movie sometimes - he likes that. And walks. He likes to go for walks and chat with the neighbors. And he really likes it when the Red Sox win so please line the cage with the sports page. And do something nice for the other one too. Thanks. )

  • astro_girl

    Hahaha! I remember my beloved parakeets. Poor little things. I hated keeping them in their cage. I used to let them get their exercise a few times a week and they would land by grabbing onto the tops of all my cool rock posters and nibble away at the edges. They pooped on David Bowie's head. I named them Bird, Big Bird and Whirly-Bird. I still have their pix somewhere...

  • WildHorses
    Sure you are, but we know their "real" names.

    Ok how's this. I'll use confusedjw as his alias.

  • confusedjw


    And don't forget the sports page.

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