what is best PDA for the money?

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    : what is best PDA for the money?

    For the money, you asked? Yellow legal tablets.

    They work just great and there are no electronics or moving parts. Or batteries.


  • Odrade
    Yellow legal tablets

    LOL! you all should have seen my purse before I got a decent PDA. Three times the size and full, FULL, of little pieces of paper and little notebooks with random scribblings/phone numbers/other crap on them. Whenever I tried to get something from my purse these little bits would come flying out... messy messy.


  • blindfool

    Yellow legal pads? That is about like the system I use now.

    I try to keep up with business cards but as my contact list grows to over 250 it is getting very disorganized.

    By entering all my business card information to Outlook I can search my contact list by company name, area codes, even the cities they are located in. This is of great benefit to me because when I travel into a town I can search my contact list by town and make sure I see everyone I need to see.

    I'm very disorganized by nature and really have to work to stay organized.

  • Special K
    Special K


    My personal experience, so far.. is that kids are the greatest at any age.

    I thought having teenagers was going to be one great big challenge. I was WRONG. They are great. I've never had a problem with mine, so far.

    Oh. and I have a personal GPS for our family.

    When we are driving somewhere and become lost my husband drives up beside someone walking down the street. I roll down my window and yell, "Where the heck are we?".. It worked well during hockey season last year. I was lost numerous times in locating hockey rinks.

    That seems to work everytime for us. LOL

    p.s. I noticed a lot of "On Star" commercials on T.V. lately. A service that is already comes as part of your car package. Anybody have "on star" on their vehicle.

    I guess I'm way off topic now..sorry.

    Special K

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