Did GB Member Carl Klien gloat over Dulaps Demise??

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  • Gadget
    Daaa da da/ da da daa da da/ Yuck.

    I've got it stuck in my head now..............

  • metatron

    Karl Klein hated rock music and wrote poorly researched articles about it.

    On a more positive note, he despised Rutherford, a fact bared disguised in his life story.

    Don't forget what became known about Brothers in Germany after the war - there was a lot of ugly betrayal in the organization

    because BROTHERS HATED EACH OTHER! I have seen lots of jealousy in Bethel and between bodies of elders that shocked me,

    at the time.


  • DaCheech



    It was interesting to note that 2 weeks ago when someone Dissasociated himself, and they were doing the

    local needs talk on how to treat these people, they seemed to add a little humane thingy I've never heard before:

    They said that even though we do not speak to these or associate with them, if they are in dire need (example" car

    broken down and no one to help such one, we can stop to help him and should) we should help. I guess it's

    more like talk and no actions, since you said his brother could not hire an old man with no way of getting

    a job in the real world

  • frankiespeakin

    If some has "Christian Freedom" pg 41 shows how much Klien warned the GB about Ed Dunlap and claimed that he was trying to do away with the Governing Body.

  • TheOldHippie

    Farkel, you wrote that "He wrote the music for the Kingdumb songs. Whether he also wrote the words, I don't know, but the libretto in that classic of dub classics "From House to House" is every bit as dumb as Klein was."

    Sorry to protest, but "From House to House" was written by Jones when he was jailed in China.

  • VM44

    who wrote "WE'RE JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES"?

    and the phrase "Kiss the Son lest God be angry, and you perish in..."

    Arrgh! It's all coming back to me now!

    Oh, the pain of it all! (in my best Dr. Smith voice)


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