A dumb fluff question

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  • Mulan

    Ginseng. Kelp.

    Both should help with energy.

  • Markfromcali

    Oh that's not really fluff, although it might go under another forum section.

    We can talk about vitamins and stuff, but feeling tired and being low on energy is way too general for there to be any accuracy about the discussion. But you can try different things, and we can give you some ideas. Actually I can talk a bit about it as I've used this body to test out vitamins and stuff for years, I don't try too many new things these days as I know enough go get me by and make things work. I know a lot of ways to increase energy, but I don't need most of it. But it'll all depend on what you need anyway.

    These are all things you'll need to go to a health food store or vitamin store for, and GNC will probably not stock it, or atleast the good ones and/or at a good price:

    For general energy that is not in any way a stimulant, I take NADH. It's a coenzyme form of vitamin B3 or somesuch, and what I've found is it gives me a higher level of steady energy throughout the day, there are still ups and downs but the low is not as low, it's like it's all a notch higher. The 5mg dose does it for me, and I don't take it everyday but tend to when I work. The package will tell you to only take it with water 1st thing in the morning and wait 1/2 hr before eating.

    A good multiple is of course a good idea to cover your basis. A real simple way to look at the dosage and whether it has all the goodies is number of pills. One-a-days naturally can't give you as much as a 6 a day, which would only mean 2 with each meal. Generally one-a-days will be lacking in mineral because they just can't physically fit everything in and still make the pill small enough to swallow. We can get into the details of the form of the ingredients and certain mix and match with different products like I do at times, but something specific and simple is the 6 a day formula by Twinlab I looked at the other day. This guy who's a recovering cancer patient came in with this mega formula his doctor has custom made and wanted something comparable while he's out of town, and going down the label it was pretty good across the board. BTW something with that many pills tend to have a lot of the B vitamins.

    And of course this is only your micronutrients, a general measure for your macro is to try digestive enzymes. Older folks are supposed to produce less of the digestive juices so that's something that might help you to get more out of your food.

    There are many herbs that are very powerful and can prove useful, but generally herbs are medicine, so just know enough about it before you start taking it. Contraindications, interactions with medication you might be taking are things to take into consideration.

    You can do a lot to improve your health, you just gotta learn about it. You might find taking some vitamins does enough for you to not think about it much, it's up to you how much you want to get into it.

  • Steve Egner
    Steve Egner

    Hey gumb,

    Jeeeeeeez.....50? Try takin' the walker out for a spin...

    Nah. I'm with Rachel on this one. Look for low-impact, potentially aerobic activities that you might enjoy. I like cycling and swimming, and I hit the gym when I can't do those.

    I find that these activities minimize my joint pains (unfortunate by-product of work) and energize me for the day. If I drop the regimen, I see a corresponding drop in my energy.

    Try that, with lots of coffee.


  • xenawarrior


    Snap out of it !!

    Feel better now?

  • Farkel

    : What can I get over the counter and without driving to Mexico or China to get it that has worked for you?

    Jack Daniels. It's available in the States and available over the counter in most States. In Utah, you have to first submit to a background and body cavity check, though.

    WARNING!!!! The effects of that particular elixir are only temporary and require regular dosages, so be sure and consult your Doctor for his opinion. Make sure he is in AA and doesn't go to the meetings, though. Otherwise, your Doctor will lie to you and tell you everything I said is wrong.



  • gumby

    Well....I took all your advise, bought B complex, went out and exercised, got lots of sleep, drank some jack daniels as Farkel mentioned, took 3 viagra, ate right.....and this morning I got up at 4 and climbed 5 telephone poles on my street.....AND......i'm chasin cars and I can't stop cuz I'm buzzing like a damn bee. Help, me Jesus!!!!!!

    Hey...I really appreciate the advise. I remember a pharmacist telling me about the importance of Vitamin B as has been mentioned quite a bit. Also as Rachel mentioned.......exercise.

    I install floor covering, carpet, vinyl, etc. and you'd think doing that kind of work I'd be getting exercise....but I suppose it's not the same. Me and the wify were going to the gym regularly till I got hit by a seadoo a couple years ago and had to back off a bit at the gym. I need to start again.

    I'll try a good Vitamin(s) and start using my treadmill again for 25 min every morn and see if it makes a difference.

    Thanks again.


  • bull01lay

    Sorry, my bad... I thought this was a thread about bum fluff!



    p.s. xenawarrior


    Snap out of it !!

    Feel better now?

    - you look like my kinda nurse!!! Yeah baby!!

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