JW Holocaust Survivors Account

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  • glitter

    "Unlike other victims, most witnesses had a choice"

    Yeah I remember studing WW2 and reading that exact phrase in a text book - what was the choice? To (even fake) support for the Nazi regime... *support the Nazi regime* that's unthinkable. Good for them for standing up for what was right and for their beliefs when they could have walked free!

  • Euphemism

    A few years ago (2000-2002 period), letters were read to the congregation several times asking any Witnesses who were Holocaust survivors (whether as JWs or not), and their heirs, to come forward. The Society was promising to help them file their claims for the compensation fund; basically, providing free legal advice.

    If a survivor or their heirs had never been Witnesses, or were disfellowshipped or disassociated, then they would presumably have to file their own claim, without assistance from the Society.

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